The Year In Live Music: Pleasure Trends, Best Bands and New Discoveries

Let’s wrap up our Best Of 2010 series and take a stroll around the interwebs to see what were the pleasure trends among fans and critics,  what were the best live albums, and what bands should be on your tour radar for 2011!

Best Live Albums of 2010

We’ll start this list off with a look at the Best Live Albums of 2010 as noted by Eric Allen Been at Popmatters.

Been’s list includes many of my favorites too like The White Stripes’s Under Great White Northern Lights

If you’re a White Stripes fan, I would also suggest checking out the DVD Under Great White Northern Lights [Blu-ray] because the film shows an side of the rock duo rarely seen as they tour Canada and interact with fans and reflect on their career.

The film also gives you an inside look at how Jack White has his stage specifically set up to push and challenge him to be a better guitar player and live performer.

What About LCD Sound System’s Live Album

Been’s list also brings up an interesting question as he lists the LCD Sound System live studio album.

But should it be considered a live album, seeing as it was recorded in a London studio and not at a live show like the others on his list?

This LCD Sound System wondering brings us back to our ongoing Blogotheque and virtual concert experiments as we continue to define was live music really is.

Yes, LCD Sound System is a formidable live band, but the question here is what defines a live performance.  Is it defined by where you are. How many people are there? Or something else? What do you think?

Best Concerts of 2010: A Tour Around the Web

Okay, now it’s time to see what live shows fans, critics and other music writers ranked as best in 2010.

And as you check out these lists I’m sure you’ll discover new artists as you plan out your live music adventures for 2011.

What Bands Made Multiple Lists?

Taking note of the cross-over and similarity of the lists, it was clear, but really no surprise, to see that LCD Sound System, Janelle Monáe, Lady Gaga and Gorillaz, showed up on many of these lists because, with the exception of Gorillaz, I saw most of those artists live this year and left the venue floating above the ground and caught in wonderful and perpetual state of awe and splendor.

If you’re looking for a great show in 2011 I would keep an eye out for when those bands come through town again.

And I’ll be sure to share with you more about my beef with Gorillaz and Live Nation later in our 2010 concert industry wrap up.

Here’s the list!

Greg Kot’s Top Shows of 2010

In his Top Shows of 2010 Kot picks is ten best show out of over 100 shows. Impressive list that includes Grinderman, Titus Andronicus and LCD Sound System.

Chicagoist: Year In Club

Jake Guidry with his Chicagoist: The Year in Club takes a look back at the state of the electronic and club scene in Chicago in 2010. He notes the impact of events like North Coast Music Festival and wonders about trends in 2011. Good stuff to read as we continue to explore the culture of the call and response and our own community of groove.

Wall Street Journal: Five Best Shows

Earlier this year, the Wall Street Journal named Live Fix in their guide to online music sites and it was good to see why Massive Attack, Betty Lavette and others moved Jim Fuzulli during his live music experiences in 2010.

SPIN: 30 Best Concerts, Mobile App

Continuing our exploration into mobile and SPIN’s live music community, it was interesting to see SPIN go with their 30 Biggest Concerts, and release a 99 cent  mobile app for iPhone and Android to share their complete list of best concerts, albums and artists of 2010.

Sound Check

In the northeast region of the United States, the Hartford Courant’s Eric Danton of Sound Check celebrates the best from Flaming Lips, Roger Waters Wilco and others. He also has some mixed, but still awe-filled memories of his Lady Gaga experience. Check it out in his 2010 wrap-up.

You Tell Concerts

I discovered You Tell Concerts in prep for this post. And I really enjoyed their approach using three different contributors and fan videos to compile their lists. Check them out here, here and here.

Vancouver Sun

Francouiis Marchand confesses that he didn’t see every show in Vancouver but he did see a lot of shows. See how the XX, Gorillaz and others rock his city in Awesome Sound’s 2010 wrap-up.

Minnesota City Pages

Earlier this year, we shared the sad news about Mike Larsen of Eyedea & Abilities passing away. Though they didn’t include the indie-rap duo on their list, the City Pages crew does have an excellent and comprehensive rundown of their most memorable live music experiences of 2010.

Miami New Times

Going the “Big Winners and Runner-up” route the Miami New Times includes Phoenix, The Roots and others on there Best of 2010 list.

Muzzle of Bees

Like the City Pages, it was great to see that Muzzle of Bees had Gayngs on their list. And be sure to scope out the fan comments on the post as fans share their favorite concert moments too.

Baeble Music Fan Poll

Earlier this year, we explored virtual concerts, notably the Yeasayer and the rest of Baeble Music‘s excellent collection of live concert videos and contests.

And to celebrate 2010, they had a fan poll featuring Mumford & Sons. They’re a band I’ve heard a lot about but haven’t had the chance to see live yet. And this Baeble video (above) is a great intro to their live show.

China Shop: The Best Shows (according to Max Herman)

Our friend and fellow Chicago photographer and writer Max Herman shares his favorite live shows including Daedelus, Black Milk, and one of my new favorites Janelle Monáe.

Time Out Chicago Photo Gallery

Knowing how much I rely on the shots that Colleen takes for our live reviews, I know how a great concert shot can capture the essence of a live show.

And Time Out Chicago celebrates 2010 with a Best Of photo gallery. Photos are often what captures the essence of live show and Time Out Chicago

What About You?
What lists did you enjoy the most? What do you like or dislike the most about year-end lists? How did you classify or rank your Best Of concert lists?

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