The Top 35 Most Addictive Live Music Stories of 2010

Wrecking Ball Punk Fest

When I think of eager concert fans in 2010, I think of the photo above that Colleen took during a climaxing moment at the Wrecking Ball Punk Fest in Chicago.

Those fans where some of the most relentless, hungry and addicted live music fans I saw all year long. And when I think of those fans reaching out for that bass guitar, I wonder if that’s what you looked like while you read these 35 top Live Fix posts of 2010.

During 2010 we covered music festivals, shared concert fans stories, explored social media, talked with mobile app makers and social site developers, experimented with virtual concerts, asked artists about their favorite shows and wondered why you love live music so much.

And Boy Did We Learn A LOT.

For me, I’ve always had a strong vision for Live Fix.

And for the most part our community her e at Live Fix has always been driven by testing, experimenting and finding out what works, what doesn’t and discovering what resonates with you the most.

And part of that daily testing and experimenting involves writing posts that take off and writing posts that die just as soon as I click “publish.” It’s all part of the music blogging process.

And as you’ll see, this year’s list of top posts is expected and showed me what I did know about what you love to read.

But then you completely surprised me too.

What Does It All Mean?

This list is a mix of posts that I spent hours on, and posts that I spent a mere matter of minutes writing and sending off for you to enjoy.

Many of these top posts, I simply wrote because I wanted to write them for my own pleasure.

And then again, some of these posts I wrote after getting your feedback and carefully considering it as I made editorial tweaks throughout the year.

This One’s A Bit Different: How’d We Make This List?

Instead of focusing on the fans, like we did with our Best Concert Fans Stories of 2010, to compile this list I used a combination of data including Google Analytics, blog comments, Retweets, Facebook Likes, Email Feedback and Newsletter stats.

And as 2011 begins, I will also continue to test and tweak, consider the State of the Blogosphere (a study that Live Fix participated in by the way), and work in a bit of what blogging scientist Dan Zarella suggests.

What Do Concert Fans Like To Read About The Most?

That’s a question I’m always aiming to answer and 2010 definitely put me closer to the bulls-eye.

That said, this list is an interesting mix that tells me that you do love to learn and read about:

  • Crazy, inspiring and creative concert fans
  • Emerging trends in social media and live music
  • New concert mobile apps
  • Exciting secret shows
  • Awesome live music contests
  • Helpful PR tips for contacting music bloggers

Why 35?

I choose that number because after a certain point the pattern of what you loved the most became obvious, and it only made since to share with you the top 35.

So without further ado, ranked from1-35, these were the most read Live Fix posts/stories of 2010.

If you have a favorite post that’s not on this list, or you have a topic that you’d like to see us cover more of in 2011, let us know and post your ideas and suggestions in the comments below.

Thanks again for being a part of the Live Fix Community and we look forward to seeing you at the show in the New Year!

The Most Popular Live Fix Posts of 2010

1. Do You Know How To Pitch To Bloggers?

2. Phish 3D: Was It Phantastic or Phorgettable?

3. Sasquatch Festival Dancing Guy Reveals His Swarm Starting Secrets

4. Does Your Favorite Music Festival Have An iPhone App?

5. Livestream Event: John Oats, Sam Bush Live From The Loveless Cafe

6. Mobile App Review: How To Use Layar’s Tweeps Around 3D At Your Next Concert

7. Best and Worst Concert Fans of 2009

8. Fans, DJs, Artistic Recyclers Win Your Way To Coachella

9. Concert Fan Conversion: DJ Tiesto at Concert Theater In Chicago

10. Wait ‘Till Next Year? Rothbury Cancels 2010 Festival

11. Secret Show: The Cave Singers Host JanSport’s Inaugural Bonfire Sessions

12. Best (and Worst) Concert Moments of 2009

13. Interview with Monica of Concert Weirdos

14. Concert Review: Jakob Dylan at the Morton Arboretum

15. Escape To Plastic Beach with Gorillaz: Tour Dates, Live Ustream Chat

16. Hip Hop Call-and-Response: Talib Grabs The Mic

17. The Making Of A Music Festival Mobile App: Interview With Seed Labs

18. Concert Preview: The Kickback Is Ready To Explode

19. Making Concert Memories Social: Interview with Recreate My Night

20. Changing The Way Concert Fans Connect: Interview with Big Live

21. Are Concert Fans and Music Venues Using Foursquare?

22. Girl Talk NYE 2009 Concert Movie Released On YouTube Today

23. A Hot August Night Tribute To the Biggest Neil Diamond Fan Ever

25. How The Fratellis’s “Chelsea Dagger” Makes Blackhawk Fans Go Nuts

26. Exploring Chicago’s Punk Rock Roots: Interview with Norwood Park Allstars

27. Umphrey’s McGee Jams Interactive At UMBowl In Chicago

28. 3 Ways to Improve Lollapalooza

29. The Making of a Haiti Benefit Concert

30. What’s On Your Roadtrip Playlist?

31. Does the Radius Clause Impact Concert Fans?

32. St. Bagu’s Bustin’ Through Lines One Rhyme At A Time

33. What Went Wrong At Reading Festival: Arcade Fire Vs. Guns N Roses

34. Bon Iver’s Tattoo Reveals The Power of the Little Things

35. The Secrets To Oprah’s Kickoff Party Flash Mob Dance

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The Best Concert Moments of 2010!

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