The Best Concert Fan Stories of 2010

We all know that live music would be meaningless and utterly void without concert fans, which is why it’s time to celebrate your best stories of 2010!

All year long we rocked our primal hearts out, took euphoric trips and made some sweet discoveries.

And as we lost, and then found, ourselves in the music, we witnessed it all gloriously go down at festivals, clubs and even virtually.

Halfway through the year, we started wondering if concert fans were acting good, bad or strange.

Sure, there were a few disposable concert duds along the way. But for the most part, the music we heard rocked and wowed us, making many of this year’s concert moments life-changing and unforgettable.

And as we look back at 2010, one thing is very clear.

Why Your Stories Rocked Our World

It was you, and your stories, that made every single live music moment more than just an escape.

It was you, my fellow concert fans, that made this year a constant discovery of awesome and a never-ending adventure revelation that I will never forget.

I have to say that, considering 2009’s list, this list is by far the most diverse mix we’ve ever assembled.

And as you’ll see this list covers many genres, venues and species of concert fans.

Look Into… The Future.

And this list even gives us a glimpse into the future, guiding us as we head triumphantly into the next frontier of the live music experience where social media continues to change the sonic and interactive landscape.

You’ll read about concert weirdos tweeting on Twitter, live music fans making Radiohead DVDs, growling fans who got primal at a Grinderman show, and tributes to beloved and fellow concert fans who’ve passed on.

You’ll even get to meet two courageous concert fans who successfully accomplished one of the year’s most impressive challenges of concertgoing physical and psychological endurance ever documented.

Considering this list’s diversity and uniqueness, we organized it into three categories 1) Discovering Concert Fans In the News and 2) Concert Fan Experiments and Interviews and 3) RIP Fellow Concert Fans

So without further ado, let’s bring 2010 to a roaring close and celebrate the creative, crazy, wonderfully unpredictable and totally unique Live Fix Best Concert Fan Stories of 2010.

Discovering Concert Fans In the News

Concert Fans Experiments & Interviews

RIP Fellow Concert Fans

What Fans Are On Your List?

I hope you enjoyed this list. And rest assured this isn’t the last you’ll hear of any of these fans. We’ll continue to follow them and tell you how their stories turn out. Keep your eye out because you might even get to meet them at a show sometime soon.

I know there were a lot more great fan stories going on this year and we’d love to hear about ’em! So go ahead and post them in the comments below! And stay tuned for your Top Live Fix Posts and the Best Concert Moments of 2010!

And special thanks to our friend and concert photographer Jen Cray for the great fan photo. Go check out more of Jen’s fan photos and other cool concert shots on

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