Posterous Co-Founder Basks In the Glory Of Weezer “Memories” Concert

Weezer Memories Tour

Quick one here. It’s about you again. Concert fans. Weezer concert fans, to be exact. 

It came to me via my friend Diane Stein, who posted a link on my Facebook Wall about a Weezer fan, the co-founder of Posterous Sachin Agarwal, loving a show he experienced during the band’s current Memories tour.

Agarwal was also riffing on an MTV review of the Weezer current tour, and here’s my favorite part of his Posterous post:

Weezer put on a show that was true to their heart. The audience was packed with true Weezer die hards. And we loved it.

When I was at my dad’s house last month, contemplating what to do with all the CDs I have stored in his closet, one gem I discovered was an autographed copy of Pinkerton. I’m really glad I didn’t get rid of that. (Although I did get rid of an XL Weezer t-shirt i bought at a show 9 years back. Doh!).

Do yourself a favor and go read the rest of Agarwal’s heartfelt review and tell me if you’ve felt the same way at a concert this year. Or wished you still had that treasured and memory-soaked concert t-shirt.

Thanks and good looking out Diane! I’ll definitely add it to our 2010 list that we’ll be sharing in its entirety in the next few days.

Keep the concert stories coming!

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