How Will Social Media Continue To Change Live Music?

We’ve done a lot of exploring and experimenting this year with social media and live music. And it’s no surprise that social media communities and platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and virtual concerts have all changed how we experience live music. But what do the experts and innovators have to say about current trends and the future?

The innovative blending of live music and social media has always been one of the main reasons why I started why I started Live Fix.

And that’s why I’m excited to share this video with you.

Whether you’re a fan, in a band or a key player in your local live music scene, I think you’ll find this video pretty interesting and helpful.

The video was recorded live back in September and it features a panel with some of the top innovators and thought leaders in social media and live music as they all share their successes, struggles and prospects for the future.

And since we’re in year-end mode, it’s a great way to revisit some of the trends we saw develop this year and take a look at what we can expect in 2011.

Thanks again to Social Media Week for posting the video. And as they noted in their original post, here’s the low-down on the panel:

Mike Doernberg (@m1chae12)– Chief Executive Officer at Reverbnation

Tim O’Brien – Head of Business Development at Disney Mobile (Previously, VP of Business Development at Tapulous – recently acquired by Disney)

Ross Hoffman (@Hoff) – Responsible for Twitter’s Entertainment and Sports strategy as a member of their business development team. (Prior to Twitter, Ross held a strategic position at Youtube)

Jason Kirk (@jkirk22) – Vice President of Distribution & Media for Ustream and oversees the company’s web distribution partnerships (Prior to his current role, Jason was Vice President of Video & Entertainment at MySpace)

Nic Adler (@nicadler) – Owner and Operator of The Roxy Theatre (Music venue with largest audience on Twitter and Facebook in US)

Key Points and Takeaways

I enjoyed the whole 60 minutes, but if you want to jump to some of the highlights, here’s a quick rundown of some of the key takeaways during the Q&A with the time it was discussed so you can fast-forward right to it:

19:00 – How do you take a casual fan and turn them into a converted fan?

23:00 – Mike Doernberg from Reverbnation talks about how a venue, band or any brand should focus on creating value and creditability through a meaningful dialogue with fans.

25:00 – Lady Gaga, Kanye West and John Mayer? Does social media remove the mystique of the rock star? Do fans want to know what their favorite artist is really like?

30:00 – Nic Adler owner and operator of the Roxy tells the venue’s social media story.

33:00 – Important tips for bands on how to use social media to promote their music and connect with fans.

37:00 – How has social media changed the live music experience? Why social media is only good up until the show starts? What’s the Roxy’s biggest struggle. What’s next in 2011?

44:45 – Innovations? How can we push the boundaries and evolve live music with social media?

What Is Live Nation Up To?

Besides those thoughtful insights and tips, the other reason I wanted to share this video with you was because it was presented by Live Nation who we’ve been following since the merger news began last year and became official this past January.

We’ve wondered before whether Live Nation will innovate the live music industry.

And this panel discussion seems to be another strategic move by Live Nation-Ticketmaster to create a forward-thinking dialogue about the state of the music industry and figure out where it’s headed.

But Are They Really Innovating The Live Music Experience For The Fans?

That remains to be seen.

And when it comes to this video, one thing that was missing from the panel and the overall discussion was the actual voice and input of actual concert fans.

It would have been nice to have a regular fan on the panel to provide their insight and perspective.

And the panel could have also benefited from the voice of a top music blogger or a member of the music press on the panel to offer up their thoughts too.

I know social media has drastically changed the music press.

And I also know how social media has impacted how live music is documented and reviewed, so it would make perfect sense to have a writer or journalist’s perspective represented too.

Is Ticketology Pushing Boundaries?

As we mentioned earlier, Live Nation-Ticketmaster’s Ticketology blog has begun to shine a light on all aspects of their business.

And they’ve started to explain how the ticket industry and ticket buying process works.

It’s a good start, but I would still like to see the comments opened up on the blog posts since this is social media after all.

You do have the option to email the Ticketology blog poster your questions and comments, so if you’ve ever emailed them about a post let us know. We’d like to hear how it went and what you asked them.

What’s Going On In Your City?

During the panel discussion they talked about how social media has changed the local live music community on the Sunset Strip.

Well, I know that Chicago has a very vibrant and loyal local community too.

So I’d like to know how social media has impacted places like Metro, Schubas, The Abbey, Subterranean, Lincoln Hall and Empty Bottle.

If you frequent those or any other Chicago venues or music communities and let us know how your community has been changed by social media.

And whatever city you live in, we want to hear how social media is impacting any aspect of your local music community or live music experience. Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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