Are You A Concert Weirdo?

Concert culture is full of many strange and wonderful things. And at the heart of this amazing adventure is YOU. The Concert Fan.

You make the live music experience what it is.

Without you and your endless creativity, rock star dreams and ceaseless physical and mental dedication to live music and your willingness to show how to correctly stagedive, concerts would be completely pointless and void of any meaning.

It’s your primal urges and genetic hard-wiring that makes live music so addictive and unique.

Sure, you might get a little too crazy at times.

But who can blame you? Concerts are awesome! And we love the way you behave. And we love when you are empowered to use concerts to help others and do good.

So what happens when a concert fan gets inspired to use Twitter to explore the curious and enigmatic species know as The Concert Fan?

Good stuff happens, of course.

Great stuff actually.

Really really funny stuff to be completely honest!

And that’s why I’m excited to share with you the story of one fan who’s creatively using social media to observe, document and celebrate the adventures of what she calls “concert weirdos”.

What Is @ConcertWeirdos?

I discovered @ConcertWeirdos while hanging out on Twitter a few weeks ago.

I was instantly hooked and did what you do when you love something on Twitter. I retweeted my first @concertweirdos tweet.

So far I’ve found @concertwierdos to be highly addictive and very entertaining.

Which is probably why @ConcertWeirdos has appeared on the main page of Twitter several times along with the popular #concertweirdos hashtag.

As of this post, @ConcertWeirdos has over 6K followers, a follower count by the way, that has been steadily increasing since I first discovered it just a few weeks ago.

So without further ado I would like you to meet the crafty and creative concert fan behind @ConcertWeirdos.

Her name is Monica Valentine and she’s from Kississiimee, FL. I had the pleasure of asking Monica about why she started Concert Weirdos on Twitter, what she loves about tweeting the strange things concert fans do and who are the weirdest concert fans she’s ever seen.

What inspired you to come up with Concert Weirdos? How has Concert Weirdos changed your own concertgoing experiences?

My personal experiences and sitings that I’ve seen at concerts inspired me to come up with @ConcertWeirdos. A lot of things go through your mind while at a concert along with the feelings and thoughts that occur days, weeks, and even months before and after a concert!

I started off the site to basically tweet my own feelings towards concerts but when I realized that many others could relate, I tried to step into the shoes of concert goers in general instead of just tweeting my own views.

It’s really exciting and relieving to know that so many people world-wide share the same exact experiences as you while at concerts. I tweet both the good and bad things about concerts and also use Twitter to share funny stories and pictures from concerts that my followers have been to.

Concert Weirdos has changed my own concert going experience because now I am more observant about the things that go on during concerts.

Why did you decide to use Twitter to start and then start posting on Tumblr? What do you love the most about sharing your experiences, insights and concert weirdo observations?

I started using Twitter to start because it is my favorite networking/micro-blogging site and it is an easy way to share short, simple thoughts. I started posting on Tumblr because of the many requests from my followers.

I’m still new to Tumblr and only post there occasionally. What I love the most about sharing my experiences and observations is the reactions from followers that they too have seen/done those things too. I also enjoy hearing what they have to say along with their own personal stories.

What are your thoughts on fans tweeting/texting/taking photos or videos at concerts? Do you think it takes away from the show or makes the experience more personal and memorable for fans?

I believe that fans tweeting/texting/taking photos/videos at concerts is a must! It truly does make the experience more personal and memorable for fans!

What surprises you the most about concert fan behavior? What have you learned the most about why fans love going to concerts?

What surprises me the most about concert fan behavior is the lengths they go to in order to get closer to the band. While reading tweets from followers, I’ve heard many stories about following tour vans, renting out rooms in the same hotels, sneaking backstage, and many other scenarios that I thought were extreme but funny at the same time.

I have learned that fans love going to the concerts mostly to interact with their favorite artists, to forget everything else that is going on with their lives, and to have fun and get crazy with friends either from their personal lives or friends from Twitter!

What are some of your favorite and craziest concert weirdos you’ve seen?

My favorite concert weirdo so far is a girl that I spotted at The Summer Set concert. It was a warm day yet she was wearing a fuzzy, panda hat. She stuck out like a sore thumb and everyone waiting in line basically snickered about her and her appearance that day.

Me and my friends saw that the band School Boy Humor was hanging out by their tour van and the “Panda Girl” and her friends got out of line and were over there talking with the lead singer Phil Evans.

We noticed her practically attacking Phil with soo many hugs that he had a petrified look on his face. My friends and I thought it was hilarious and one of them whipped out her phone and tweeted Phil “I see you’ve been attacked by a Panda…”

One funny thing about this story is that I recently tweeted this on the @ConcertWeirdos Twitter account and I have a few girls that actually claim that they were at the same The Summer Set show as me and remembered that same “Panda Girl”.

I noticed someone created a fake account and lashed back at you recently. How have bands and other fans responded to your tweets?

Yes, both a fake account and another concert account were created. The first fake account was just a mock of my Twitter account with the same exact tweets, bio, location, and background image.

But this new one was made by previous fans of @ConcertWeirdos. I really didn’t mind that they used my concept but the fact that they “made fun” of my twitter name, saying it doesn’t make sense made me feel somewhat offended. Nonetheless, my followers/fans are amazing and defend me most of the time.

Concert Weirdos Summer Set

If you could go back in time and post about concert fans throughout all concert history, what time period would you want to go back and explore, and why?

If I could go back in time and post about concert fans throughout concert history, I would want to go back to the time when Rock&Roll all started because I’ve heard so many crazy stories, and incidents happening at those concerts that were way more extreme than today’s concerts.

What are your top ten best concert experiences of all time? What are your top ten worst?

Top 10 Best
1. I made friends in a meet and greet line at an Allstar Weekend concert because I overheard them complaining that they had nothing for the band to sign and didn’t have money to buy posters. Luckily, I had extra posters and was willing to give them out to the girls in front of me.

They thanked me and let me and my sister cut them and from then on we became good friends who talk constantly on twitter and facebook. We also are”concert-buddies” and meet up with each other at shows when we can.

2. In Twitter conversations, @RyanSBH from @SchoolBoyHumor told me that he could shake his butt better than the kids in Glee (the T.V show) and I challenged him to this and made him promise me that when I see him at a concert he HAS to show me. So when the time came… I met up with Ryan by his tour van and just said “you owe me something,” without telling him my name or ANYTHING at all. Ryan knew right away what I was talking about and who I was. He definitely kept his word, “did his thing”, and I have the whole scene on video. It was hilarious.

3. My first time being front row at an Allstar Weekend Concert was amazing. It was only my second concert ever so I was so excited it was great when the lead singer Zach came down stage and grabbed our hands.

4. While waiting in line, Brian Cag the lead singer of Action Item talked to me and my friends for a long time! We talked about everything and even managed to make him “fist pump” for us since we found out he was from Jersey.

5. When I met Anthony Li from Action Item he remembered my name without me telling him first, he said he recognized me because he was following me on twitter. I was shocked!
6. Me and some new friends I met in a meet and greet line started a wave down the line….well tried to…

7. Casually talking and hanging out with Anthony Evans from School Boy Humor at a concert.

8. Fighting with Thomas from Before You Exit for his autograph.

9. Getting random hugs from Brian Cag and David Buczkowski from Action Item throughout the whole day every time they spotted me passing by

10. Getting to meet Stephen from The Summer Set who didn’t want to come out and talk to fans at first but came out anyway because of this girl who kept screaming his name to come out until he finally did haha.

Top 10 Worst
1. Waiting in line sweating in the hot, Florida heat for hours

2. Seeing this same girl that cuts lines at almost every concert I go to

3.Being constantly elbowed and pushed in the crowd

4. Mosh pits

5. Losing my younger sister at a concert one time and freaking out

6. Not getting to meet the band after all the waiting

7. Forgetting to get something for a friend who couldn’t come such as autographs and video shoutouts

8. Being at venues that don’t allow cameras like the House Of Blues

9. Being yelled at by security when my friend and I tried to talk to Brian Cag

10. Having the guitar pick land right on my foot and having girls kick and scratch my feet for it.

If you could change one thing about concert culture, what would it be and why?

I would not change a thing.

What’s next for Concert Weirdos?

I’m in the process of selling #concertweirdos silicon wristbands on a bigcartel website. Many people took interest in merch so I decided to start with the wristbands and maybe do T-shirts in the future.

Thanks again to Monica for sharing her story and concert experiences.  Go follow @ConcertWeirdos right now and visit their Facebook page too.

Got a question for Monica? Want to share your own concert weirdo story? The comments are yours!

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