Weekly Wrap-up: Why Eating A Big Bowl of Chili Is Just Like Going To A Concert

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Yesterday, before we went to the Chicago Bluegrass and Blues Festival, I ate a huge bowl of homemade chili. It was hot, meaty and filled my belly up reeeeeal good.

Speaking of chili and live music (and considering the connection between live music, taste and our other senses), it’s no surprise how much that great big bowl of chili and all our concert adventures this week have in common.

Yep, I like to make my chili with only the best and tastiest ingredients.

And same goes for a week of Live Fix posts.

And just like that big bowl of chili that I finished scarfing down yesterday, this weekly wrap-up will satisfy your hunger and rock your “live music” taste buds.

So dig in my friends and enjoy: the free downloads, holiday concert fan gift ideas, Rock ‘N Roll Fantasy Camp adventure, mobile mood concert app exploration, Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Look Back,” the Freelance Whales, and Chicago’s Beats and Blogs concert preview.

Don’t Miss What’s Next!

Stay tuned for another great week of concert adventures including a 13-year-old musician who’s rocking the stage to raise support for children’s cancer research, an interview with Concert Weirdos, a Complaints Choir review and more !

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