Weekly Wrap-up: Lil’ Wayne vs. Johnny Cash, Live Remixing, Lawsuits, David Guetta Memories…

It always amazes me how much happens in the world of live music in just one week. And like the fans in this photo, I hope you had a great week of shows and that your world was rocked by a plethora of live music adventures too.

If you missed any of the action here at Live Fix, don’t worry. We’ve got another exciting wrap-up to get you all caught up and ready for the week ahead.

From Lil’ Wayne and Johnny Cash to John Oates, Rhymefest and David Guetta concert memories, here’s what we explored on Live Fix this week.

Following the wrap-up, we’ll share important news about developing stories in the concert industry.

Concert Industry News

Keeping an eye on recent developments in the concert industry, here’s links to recent stories about the Live Nation-Ticketmaster merger, Lollapalooza, a lawsuit filed by local Chicago independent promoter Jam Productions and a new fan-based ticket service.

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Free Downloads You Missed
In case you’ve missed them, here’s some more free downloads that we’ve featured previously on Live Fix.

That’s it for the weekly wrap-up!

Stay in the know and check out last week’s wrap-up and stay tuned for more exciting explorations and interviews coming up this week…

We’ll have news on Rocktober concert challenges, house concerts, concert previews from our favorite bands, plus more free downloads and cool concert stuff from our sponsors.

And special thanks to our friend and concert photographer Jen Cray for the great fan photo. Go check out more of Jen’s fan photos and other cool concert shots on www.jencray.com.

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