Weekend Concert Preview: Rhymefest, Wrecking Ball Punx Fest, Waco Brothers

Friends of Rhymefest Lupe Fiasco Shrine Chicago

It’s Friday my friends, which means it’s time to see what’s going on in Chicago’s live music scene this weekend…

Today we’re highlighting a mix of artists because we here at Live Fix aren’t genre bias. We love it all live! Well, most of it, anyways.

But enough of the joking around, here’s the lowdow on how Rhymefest, Lupe Fiasco, Wrecking Ball Punx Fest, the Waco Brothers and others are rocking it real good in the Windy City this weekend.

Rhymefest and Friends Campaign Kick-off

Since we last reviewed Chicago emcee Che “Rhymefest” Smith’s new album El Che, he’s put his hat in the political race and decided to run for the 20th Ward Alderman on the city’s southside.

And on Sunday at the Shrine Smith, along with fellow Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco, will host a campaign kick-off show for Friends of Rhymefest to gather the troops and build support for his run for office.

Considering Rhymefest’s talent for live performance at the Haiti Benefit in March, we’re excited and curious to see how Sunday’s show turns out and what the fan vibe will be like at the Shrine.  Check out the video of Smith’s October press conference is below.

Show details:

  • Sunday – November 14
  • 9:00pm at The Shrine – 2109 S Wabash Ave, Chicago
  • Ticket info is available here

Wrecking Ball Chicago Punk Fest

Continuing our exploration in to Chicago punk rock, we bring you news of The Wrecking Ball Chicago Punk Fest. This is especially interesting to us since many of the band names are fun to read (like most punk rock bands) and even better the music has perked up my ears and got me wondering how these bands will bring it live.

It gets better because the fest’s location is Reggie’s Rock Joint, which is great place to see a show.

That said, I’ll be honest and tell you that I haven’t seen any of these bands live before. So this preview isn’t an endorsement, but more of an invitation to explore some new punk rock tunes with us, just like we’ve done before.

I will tell you though, that one of the bands on the bill is local Chicago band Voice of Addiction. And I’ve been digging the rawness of “Got Your Number,” a track from their latest release Re-evolution. So go check them and the other bands out and let me know what you think.


Show details

  • Sunday, November 14
  • Tickets: advance $5, at the door $8.
  • 5pm at Reggie’s Rock Club, 2109 South State St., Chicago IL 60616

Bottom Lounge & Lawyer 4 Musicians

Earlier this year, we featured a special Bottom Lounge and Lawyer4musicians.com event and tonight they’re doing it again featuring the mix of local rock bands California Wives, Of1000Faces, Elephant Stone and The Idle Hands.

Show details:

Friday, November 12

Tickets: $8 Adv, $5 with flyer or code

Doors 8:00 PM, Show 9:00 PM, 17 & Over

Waco Brothers

Then on Saturday 11/13 at Bottom Lounge it’s the live alt-country raucous of the Waco Brothers. And if you haven’t seen them live before, here’s an excerpt from their press release about their live show and latest album Waco Express: Live & Kickin’ at Schuba’s Tavern.

Though I enjoy using my own words to describe a band’s live show, it’s always fun to read how a band sums up their own live show and this is an very entertaining read:

On Waco Express, you can practically feel the heat from the stage, smell the smoke on your clothes, taste the beery taste of beer and let your ears bask in the un-tempered wall of sound and join in with the between song banter. Can’t get out of the house? Husband/wife/parole ankle bracelet won’t let you? Here’s your chance to experience the next best thing.

And before the show, you can listen to a track from the album “Do What I Say”

[audio:http://christophercatania.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/mp3_wacobros_dowhatisay.mp3|titles=Do What I Say]

Show details

  • Saturday, November 13
  • Tickets: $10 Adv, $12 Day of show
  • Doors 8:00 PM, Show 9:00 PM, 17 & Over

That’s it for the weekend preview and to get more listings of upcoming shows, check out the Thrillcall show widget in the right side column.

Rhymefest Press Conference

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