Recreate My Night Evolves Fan Experience with David Guetta Concert Memories

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Earlier this year we explored Recreate My Night to see how the new interactive site made the concert experience more social by allowing fans to upload and share concert memories through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Now, let’s see how Recreate My Night updated the experience by featuring star DJ/producer David Guetta.

When I first discovered Recreate my night and took it for a test spin, I was excited to experiment with the possibilities of using the platform to catalog our concert adventures and see how other fans used the service to remember their favorite concerts.

Now, with this newly updated version, there are some significant changes to the layout, design and overall user experience. And now that Recreate My Night is featuring DJ/Producer David Guetta instead of the full band like The Constellations, I was curious to know what inspired the changes and evolution of the site.

And as we continue to explore online, social and virtual concert experiences, I asked President Tejpaul Bhatia some additional follow-up questions about what the RMN Team learned these last few months and why they chose to partner with David Guetta.

LF: From a design, development and user experience perspective, what did you learn from the Constellations project? And how did the experience influence the development of new David Guetta Memories project?

TB: We found that engaged fans are really engaged. What this means is that if you build the product for the hard core fans but make it easy to use for the average fan, you get the best mix of engagement, popularity and virality. We applied many lessons from The Constellations project to the David Guetta project. We made the process easier and the implementation prettier. We think it is pretty slick and so do many of David’s fans.

What was the feedback like from the fans and users of Recreate My Night during the first months? What surprised and challenged your team the most?

The feedback has been positive these past few months. The biggest challenge for our team has been making an extremely complex solution extremely simple to use. We have some work to do but our fans have been very supportive and have been giving us valuable feedback on how to improve the user experience. There is so much that can be done and that is also another challenge for us. We are constantly prioritizing and sometimes need to delay the coolest features because they are not really necessary.

This time you’re featuring a DJ/producer instead of a band like the Constellations. Why did you select David Guetta as the next artist to feature on RMN?

The selection process was two ways. Sure we picked David but he also picked us. Some might say the song [Memories featuring Kid Cudi] picked the platform. It’s almost as if the platform was written for the song, “memories” or vice versa.

Besides the obvious synergy, it was very important for us to work with David because he has organized one of the largest online communities in the world. This kind of commitment from the artist and the fans means that innovative ideas can flourish if they meet the needs of the community.

Recapping Recreate My Night’s Round Two Updates

The updates Bhatia mentions have certainly improved the Recreate My Night platform and user experience. And as I’ve cruised around the newly updated site, I noticed several additions and tweaks.

One of the biggest and most significant changes that I can see, so far, is that fans can now email the memories they create directly to David Guetta so that he can feature their memories in his personal collage.

Like I said, there are many new things that will make it easier for fans, such as a smoother more intuitive interface to navigate and add photos and videos. And now fans can upload music, so you can add a soundtrack to your concert memory.

What Can Be Improved?

One of the things I’d like to see is a function or API that lets you adapt the Recreate My Night for Facebook Pages. I say this because over these last few months I’ve realized that I do most of my concert updates using the Live Fix Facebook page, as opposed to my personal Facebook profile.

This is largely because as a publisher, and in this situation, I use Facebook more as a “brand,” that as a fan, which means the Live Fix Facebook page is where I primarily curate the concert conversations and post concert memories to share with the Live Fix Facebook community.

That said, it would be helpful to have a function, or some type of Facebook application, that would allow me to stream the Live Fix Facebook content into a memory album on Recreate My Night.

How You Can Make Recreate My Night Better

That’s it for now, but stay tuned for more updates. I’ll continue to experiment with the new Recreate My Night design as we head to Grinderman and other shows later this month. And with the addition of David Guetta, we’ll also be diving deeper in to the Community of Groove.

But don’t let me have all the fun. I encourage you to try out RMN too. Because, remember, like most social networks and user-based technology, the success of RMN depends heavily on the participation, feedback and response of the fans.

It’s sort of like a hip hop call-and-response. And RMN has certainly given concert fans a reason (and a fun place) to respond in. So go test it out and let me know how it goes!

To get more details about Recreate My Night and to learn how to use it, check out our first interview with Recreate My Night

Download David Guetta via David Guetta

Have you used Recreate My Night before? Have you sent a memory to David Guetta? How did go? What did you like? What would you change about it? What are other similar sites that you’ve enjoyed using?

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