Sugarland Live Chat Via Livestream: Two Questions Fans Should Ask

Continuing our series on virtual concert experiences, we’re pleased to bring you a virtual Q&A with country rockers Sugarland as they visit Billboard later today.

Among other topics, the country music duo Sugarland will discuss their decision to experiment with new sounds on “The Incredible Machine,” as well as the feedback that they have received thus far from die-hard country music fans and critics.

Judging by this and other reviews I’ve read of Sugarland’s current tour, it seems that, besides the music wowing the fans, the “facial expressions and expressive contortions Jennifer Nettles does while singing” seem to be making the performances larger than life as well.

That said, I would like to know what specific artists have influenced her live performance style, and what exactly goes through her mind while she’s singing.

And would she recommend aspiring female fans use this eHow instructional guide to do what she does?

What About Kristen Bush?

In this USA Today article Nettles’s bandmate multi-instrumentalist-singer Kristen Bush said:

“I’m a complete geek. I’ve been dreaming of how awesome it’s going to be to play a show and stream it to people for a long time. Now, you can sit and reach a kid in Sevierville, Tenn., like I used to be, that might not ever get to New York. They’ll be able to see a show like that and have the excitement of it being live and happening right now.”

That said, I would like to know as a young fan growing up, what past concert Bush would pick if he could go back and live stream a concert that he couldn’t go to because of the distance.

Again, feel free to steal these questions and ask them during the Q&A. If you do, please let me know how it goes and drop us a comment below.

Download The Incredible Machine via The Incredible Machine (Deluxe Edition) - Sugarland

Here’s the Sugarland Q&A details:

  • What: Livestream will broadcast this exclusive event as Sugarland takes questions directly from fans via Twitter using the hashtag (#bblivechat).
  • When: Thursday, November 4 at 4:30PM ET/ 1:30PM PT.
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