Bon Jovi Lets Fans Pick Concert Set List Via YouTube

Continuing our series on virtual concert experiences, here’s news about Bon Jovi hosting the first ever live-streaming concert using YouTube’s new Moderator Tool, which will allow fans to help shape the set list for the band’s upcoming show.

With all the possible bands available, we’ve been wondering who YouTube would pick to officially unveil their new Moderator Tool they’ve been testing and tweaking.

Going with Bon Jovi is not a big surprise because the concert producers AEG Live and YouTube most likely want the biggest audience possible to give the new technology and platform another live streaming test run, just like they’ve been doing with the Arcade Fire and other bands this year.

So as they test out the Moderator Tool in the virtual live concert setting, Bon Jovi fans around the world will play a very key role in the show.

Here’s How

The concert will take place at New York’s Best Buy Theater on Wednesday, November 10th and will stream live at 8pm ET via the band’s YouTube channel,, and the band is giving fans the chance to help “shape evening’s set list”.

As we mentioned, the event is produced by AEG Network Live and marks the first time ever that YouTube’s innovative Moderator tool will be used in conjunction with a live concert event.

So this looks like another strategic move by AEG Live to stay competitive with Live Nation-Ticketmaster in the wake of the historic merge earlier this year.

It’s also interesting to note that this Bon Jovi/YouTube concert announcement comes just about a year since AEG Live’s inaugural and innovative voyage into 3D concert movies, so we’ll be sure to tune in and see how things go.

How Will Fans Virtually Connect?

The other reason we’re excited about this Bon Jovi YouTube show is because we’ve been talking with the makers of Recreate My Night and Big Live about the innovative blending of social media and live concerts. So if you plan on tuning in, we’d love to hear what you thought and how your experience is.

What About Fan Emotions? What Will They Virtually Feel?

It seems that, initially, the Moderator Tool is only being used to curate and pick the set list for the Bon Jovi show. Now that doesn’t seem that exciting since most fans will probably pick the same songs. But it’s one step forward with the new tool and fan engagement.

It’s also great to see the allure of The Almighty Set List evolving yet again.

And I’ll be experimenting with and taking a deeper dive into the Moderator Tool technology and I’m looking forward to seeing how it will allow fans to connect with each other.

When I heard the news, I figured that “Livin’ on A Prayer” would definitely make the set list so I thought back to our exploration into live music, classic anthems and leadership.

Most of all, I’m curious to see how it will allow fans to share their emotional experiences during the show.

How Fans Can Submit Song Requests

You can check out the video above and this quick rundown that explains the details:

  • You can submit song requests beginning now until Monday, November 8th at 5:00 p.m. ET.
  • Submissions can be sent to the channel in the form of comments or videos expressing what you love about favorite Bon Jovi songs.
  • Viewers can vote on all of the submissions and the most popular picks will rise to the top.
  • After helping to build the November 10th show’s set list, fans will have the chance to once again see the band perform a variety of their favorite songs on the Bon Jovi 2011 Tour.

For more info about Bon Jovi worldwide tour in support of his forthcoming Greatest Hits album visit

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