The Secrets To Feeding Your Live Music Addiction With MOG

Today our sponsors and partners over at the MOG Music Network have a bunch of new releases for you to enjoy. What’s MOG? Looking for some new full album downloads from Neil Diamond, Elvis Costello and N.E.R.D.? What does Live Fix think of MOG? Here’s the complete lowdown that’ll answer all those questions.

If you’re new to MOG, here’s a brief rundown to bring you up to speed. Then we’ll share the info about how you can download those new album releases today.

What is MOG?

In short, MOG is a new music subscription service that’s similar to Pandora, but with a lot more cool tools and options for music fans.

Back in January, Live Fix joined the MOG and their Music Network as a content publisher for the music blog network side of MMN.

As a fan, I’ve been using their music subscription service, too. And the short answer is that, so far, without gushing about it too much, I tell you that I love using the MOG service.

And think you might enjoy checking it out too, especially because MMN can enhance our concert experiences while we’re at home or at the show.

Really? How So?

Well, I’ve used MOG to discover new music, research Live Fix articles, listen to classic and new live tracks and full albums.

I’ve enjoyed stumbling upon new songs and remixes via the MOG artist radio that you can customize. And I really like the way MOG has designed their community offering unique artist playlist and allowing fans to create and share their own too.

And to top it off, I’m officially addicted to their Android/iPhone mobile app.

In case you needed another example of MOG at work, I recently used MOG to quickly pull together the playlist for the Neil Diamond Tribute and memorial for my Dad.

All in all, for under $10.00 bucks a month, I think MOG is a pretty cool tool for music fans who want to have access to over 9 million songs on-demand.

I’ll be sharing more about how I use MOG for our adventures and explorations on Live Fix.

Take MOG for A Test Drive

And now that I’ve explained MOG, here’s the info about how you can take MOG for test drive and download the new album releases.

Every Tuesday MOG features new albums released by major and top indie labels. And today they’re featuring releases from Neil Diamond, Elvis Costello and N.E.R.D and others.

You can download or stream those new releases, and as many other albums as you want, when you sign up for a FREE 14 day trial at MOG.

That’s it for now!

Be sure to check back every Tuesday here at Live Fix for new stuff on MOG. And don’t miss our regular Friday feature of free downloads.

As always, I’d love to hear about your MOG experiences if you’re already a member. And let me know if you have any questions about signing up.

You can also check out the video above to hear what other fans are saying about MOG.

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