JanSport Unzips Live For New Indie Compilation Album

Jansport Unzipped compliation vol 1

Back in August, we explored secret shows by featuring Jansport’s Bonfire Sessions with The Cave Singers. And now we have for you news about a live show that Jansport is hosting to introduce a collection of indie bands for their new free Unzipped compilation album.

On Wednesday October 27th in Bloomington, IN, Jansport is hosting a live show to announce and feature four independent artists from its forth-coming Unzipped music compilation album.

I enjoyed the music of The Cave Singers, and it looks like everyone had a fun time for their Secret Bonfire Sessions Show back in August, and if you’re in the area, I thought you’d like to check out this Indiana show. And take a listen to the compilation album when it comes out.

This October 27th show is part of Jansport’s current tour as the team continues its fall concert road trip. I’m digging their VW bus wheels, and I’m wondering what sort of stories are being created as they travel the country. We’ll have to ask them and see what’s been going so we can add to our own VW bus road trip experiment.

Here’s all the details about the show this week and the upcoming album:

We’re also told that JanSport’s Unzipped Compilation Vol. 1 will be complimentary for everyone in attendance at the event. The album will also be streamed on JanSport’s Unzipped blog playlist. You can visit Unzipped for event updates and post-show video highlights.

Have You Been At A Jansport Live Concert Event?

If so, tell us about your experience in the comments below or send an email to chris@christophercatania.com. We’d like to know if you think Jansport is pushing the creative boundaries and is a brand that’s helping to improve and innovate the live concert experience.

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