Can You Really Have A Concert On A Boat?

We all know that there are many places that you can eat green eggs and ham. And the same goes for concerts. This time the show is on a boat!

Continuing our Unlikely Locale series that explores the impact of performing live in strange places, here is Swedish indie-pop trio The Concretes performing “All Day,” from their forthcoming album WYWH, on a boat.

We’re told that the background to the video is that The Concretes performed this Summer at the Island in the Sun Festival on the island of Jurmo, off the coast of Finland.

I like this song a lot. It glides and shimmers beautifully just like the water around them. And watching the band interact with each other in such close quarters makes me wonder how this boat show will impact their next live performance.

I also wonder what the fish and other aquatic wildlife thought of the show as they heard the beats and melodies resonating from the boat and through the water? Must have sounded really nice and soothing.

How ’bout you?

What are some of the most unlikely places you’ve experienced a live show?

Download the WYWH via iTunes WYWH

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