R.I.P. Michael Larsen of Eyedea & Abilities: A Tribute To His Life And Rhymes

Sad news about the death of indie-rapper Micheal “Eyedea” Larsen, of Eyedea and Abilities, was announced yesterday. So let’s pay tribute as fans mourn his passing and celebrate his life and rhymes.

As reported by the Minnesota City Pages, Larsen’s mom announced that she had found him dead at the age of 28. The cause of Larsen’s death is not yet known. But his mom has set up a memorial fundraiser via Facebook.

Earlier this year, we featured Eyedea and Abilities in our exploration into the hip hop’s culture of the call-and-response. And as we’ve done for the other artists and fans who’ve passed away, we pay tribute to Larsen’s music and life we’re passing along links to both features below.

News like this tends to bring up a lot of emotions about death, loss and grief. And since we know the power of concert fans taking the time to mourn together in community through the live music experience, we also invite you to share your favorite concert memories of your most memorable Eyedea and Abilities shows in the comments below.

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