Loyal Slayer Fans Armed With Scalpels At Live Shows?

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It is true that metal fans are often crazier than the band? Are metal fans more prone to behaving badly than other concert fans? Let’s start the weekend off right and see if this is true by looking at how a Slayer fan used a scalpel at a live show.

Those questions having been rolling around in my head as I was catching up on my podcasts and checked out the Sept 10th episode of Sound Opinions.

The episode is one of favorites of late because it allows us to continue our exploration into the concert fan behavior in 2010 and beyond.

During the show hosts Greg Kot and Jim Derogatis interview Slayer Drummer Dave Lombardo and guitarist Kerry King about the band’s influential and controversial legacy.

And while the band members share their story, they tell a most interesting and extremely disturbing story of a fan at a live show with a scalpel.

In short, King and Lombardo explain that after a show, while they were going through a line of fans signing autographs, fans where handing them the usual pens and albums and other standard autographing material.

But then one fan did something a bit odd and unusual.

As they came up to the fan, he handed Lombardo and King a scalpel and asked them to carve “Slayer” and their names into his arm.

As you can imagine, King and Lombardo awkwardly declined and precariously moved along to the next fan. For the rest of the interview they spend time talking about that incident and how they felt about it. And it’s a great look  into how some band’s feel about fans acting strange at live shows.

Now, I don’t know about you, but that’s one of the most disturbing concert fan behavior stories I’ve ever heard.  The incident happened on a previous Slayer tour, but if it did happen in 2010, we would certainly add it to our growing  list.

And I wonder if that moment is captured, or the fan is in the crowd, on  Slayer’s newly released DVD version of Live Intrusion or on their classic live album Decade Of Aggression. We’ll have to take a closer look and listen to see if we can find him and his scalpel.

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Is It True About Metal Fans?

Do you think it’s true to say that Slayer and other metal fans are the craziest group of fans around? Or do we have to define crazy and take a look at other fans in context of their loyally obsessive live music behavior?

We’ll be taking a deeper look at all these questions on future Live Fix posts, but right now, we’d like to hear from you.

Go grab your scalpel and carve your thoughts into the comments below.

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