What’s So Progressive About This New Poster Contest?

Razorfish Filter AM contest

Now, is this what the future of promotional collaboration in the music industry will look like? Are Razorfish, AM and Filter moving us in the right direction?

Yes. They are. And it just might impact your future live music experiences.

Here’s why.

As Mediapost said in their article:

Razorfish is taking on the task of expanding his modest-but-loyal audience by connecting AM with potential corporate sponsors, building out his social media presence and co-sponsoring a contest inviting artists to create a poster to advertise the forthcoming vinyl release of his new album.

Though this is exciting to watch something like this develop, it’s not all that surprising considering Razorfish’s rep for innovation and experimenting with new music-based technologies like their RockstAR Augmented Reality experience.

This story also stokes the fire of possibilities when you consider the other promising avenues that could be created by other eager and creative digital agencies.

And it appears that the door is wide open, because the live music industry is always looking for the next generation of innovators who will expand their artist’s audience and create services that will take advantage of social and other interactive media like Foursquare, mobile concert apps and virtual concert experiences.

This Razorfish and AM partnership also makes perfect sense considering that there’s always been a close connection between ad agencies and bands, as one inspires the other, or creatives leave their agency jobs to form bands. The relationship has always been there, now it’s just a bit more formal and official.

And considering the other AXE, Slurpee, Scion and Baeble contests we’ve explored before, I’m sure AM isn’t the only artist and Filter Magazine isn’t the only publication who are open to such partnerships.

But still, the possibilities are exciting to think about.

That said, when it comes to creative agencies like Razorfish and forward-thinking music pubs like Filter, it appears the needle is moving closer to where the creativity of the live music industry and the sponsoring brands need to be.

And with this news, the possibility of making our Lollapalooza list a reality in the near future seems even more likely.

Enter The AM Poster Contest
If you’re a designer, photographer or AM fan who’d like to toss your creative hat into the mix, here’s more info on the AM design contest:

  • The collectible poster will be used as part of a campaign to promote AM, the new album and future tour dates
  • The winner will also receive a $150 licensing prize, an AM Prize Package, and a Blue Microphones Snowball, the ultimate USB mic from Blue Microphones

Good luck, have fun and enter the AM Contest here.

What do you think of partnerships like Razorfish and AM? Promote your creative ideas in the comments below.

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