Weekly Wrap-Up: John Lennon, MGMT Concert Pee Test, Riot Fest, Deerhunter & Free Books…

Watching the Chicago Bears beat the Carolina Panthers, or scoping out the above creative John Lennon birthday Google doodle sure are fun ways to enjoy yourself on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

But you can also kick it with us here at Live Fix by checking out all the fun we had this week wondering about and exploring: John Lennon concerts in the afterlife, MGMT having a cultural piss-understanding, punk rock drama at Riot Fest, Free books at concerts, Suzanna Vega and more. So make like Devon Hester and run this post back for a touchdown baby!

Since October 9th would have been John Lennon’s 70th birthday, we celebrated the day by sharing one of his last public concerts and wondering about concerts in the afterlife.

Why are culture cues so important for touring bands and live music fans? Check out this post about band MGMT and a cultural piss-understanding that happened during a show.

If you missed Friday’s Livestream event featuring Suzanne Vega at Border’s, don’t worry. We’ll be featuring more livestreaming events. And we encourage you to keep a close eye on the Live Fix daily posts to see what’s coming next.

Atlanta-rock band Deerhunter recently played under a bridge in Chicago. And we’re wondering what’s more important at a concert: location, the music or who you’re with to experience it all?

Riot Fest 2010 finishes up today in Chicago, but did band drama about the Busted at Oz reunion steal any of the fun away for punk and hard core fans during the show?

Books and concerts are like beats and melody. When you put them together, magic can happen. See how Chicago’s very own Book Bike is on a mission to give out Free books to fans throughout the city and at live shows.

Indie-rock band Ra Ra Riot has come a long way since we first saw them in 2007, and now they’re on tour taking fans through The Orchard, their new album that explores love, pain, loss and grief.

Coming Up This Week…

A lesson in ultimate hip hop crowd control, heavy metal fans gone crazy and lots more. You dig?

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