Imagine: How Is John Lennon Celebrating His 70th Birthday?

Our friends over at Wolfgang’s Vault are celebrating John Lennon’s 70th birthday by featuring one of his famous concerts from their vault. Let’s join in and start to wonder how Lennon might be celebrating his own birthday today.

The first track from the 1972 John Lennon concert recorded in New York City is above, followed by an excerpt of the show’s historical background below written by the folks at Wolfgang’s Vault.

At the request of their friend Geraldo Rivera, shortly after the album was released, Lennon agreed to headline two charity concerts to benefit the Willowbrook Home, a facility for learning disabled children.

Also featuring Sha Na Na, Roberta Flack, and Stevie Wonder, the event was called “One To One,” and New York mayor John Lindsay declared the date, “One To One Day.” Both concerts were filmed and recorded, with excerpts of the evening show broadcast on ABC Television and performances from the afternoon show eventually compiled for release in 1986 as the live album and home video releases Live In New York City.

Not only would these performances go down in history as one of the few times John and Yoko ever performed material from the Sometimes In New York City album, but they would unfortunately prove to be John Lennon’s last and only full-length public concerts following the breakup of The Beatles.

You can read more about the show, get the rest of the download and check out their other weekend featured $4 downloads by visiting WGV’s Public Playlist at the Concert Vault.

Concerts In the Afterlife…?

Writing this post made me think about and “imagine” how John Lennon is celebrating his 70th birthday.

I know how the living use live music to pay tribute to, celebrate and mourn those who’ve passed on.

But what will it be like in the afterlife in the context of concerts? Will there be venues? Will there be stages? Will there be genres? Will there be set lists? Will there be encores?

Got a John Lennon Concert Story?

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