Will Strange Band Drama Stop The Rock At Riot Fest?

Riot Fest 2010

Continuing our exploration in to the wonderful world of Chicago underground hard core and punk rock, we’ve got news for you about Riot Fest 2010.  The live action started yesterday and continues through Sunday — even though there’s been a little bit of band drama going on.

Our quest to explore Chicago’s hard core and punk rock scene officially began when we interviewed lead singer of the Norwood Park All-stars Dave Bergeron.

And with the plethora of legendary and up-and-coming bands playing Riot Fest this week in venues all across Chicago, there’s an excellent chance for you to re-discover roots, and see what the present and future of the punk rock and hardcore looks like.

You’ll also have the opportunity to see why Billy Joe of Green Day was so fired up at Lollapalooza about his love for Chicago’s punk rock history.

Busted at Oz Reunion

Since Riot Fest was announced earlier this year, last night’s show at the Double Door was originally billed as a Busted at Oz reunion to showcase bands — Naked Raygun, Effigies, etc. — that appeared on the original compilation album that was recorded live at legendary punk club Oz on March 9,10,11 of 1981.  Proceeds of the show were also going to support The Chicago Coalition for the Homeless.

But, unfortunately, a bit of strange band drama and confusion about who was actually playing tainted the reunion. It was summed up by “Riot Mike” who explained on the Riot fest blog that…

“…the Effigies will no longer be playing and Jim Colao will not be able to sit behind the kit for Naked Raygun…”

“…I know some of you are going to be disappointed a little, like me, but, after speaking with Dem Hopkins (owner of OZ) about the matters, he helped put things into perspective. The Oz scene wasn’t solely about the bands. It was also about the people who were there and supported the early Chicago scene… the punks, the gays, the dispossessed and disenfranchised who needed not only a home, but a creative outlet. The Oz reunion is about getting these people back together. I think I may have lost sight of that.”

This is sad news for any hard core and punk rock fan, especially those who were a part of the Oz community in 1981. And we hope all the strange drama and the responses in the comments following Riot Mike blog post, didn’t completely ruin the show for you.

If you were at the show, we’d like to hear in the comments below or you can send them to chris@christophercatania.com.

Get more info about the shows and find where the action is taking place on the Riot Fest site.

Update 10/18

We came across this Riot Fest “Busted at Oz” mini-doc via our friends at Loud Loop Press. Were you at the show or in the video? Did you actually have real Naked Raygun sweat flung on to your face in the front row? If so, enjoy the video and do share the details in the comments below.

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