Live Music Wonder Lab: Deerhunter Playing Under A Bridge In Chicago

Remember that concert contest round up we had lately that included Deerhunter performing underneath a bridge in Chicago? Here’s the video of the performance courtesy of Loud Loop Press and John Yingling of Gonzo Chicago. And thanks to them we have some excellent fonder for a little bit of wondering and dreaming…

For starters, I’m still wondering how lead singer Brandon Cox of Deerhunter felt performing underneath a bridge when he’s been known to struggle with performing live and even wrote a song about his fears on their last album Microcastles. I still have to listen a bit closer to the new album Halcyon Digest to see if there’s any more insight into Cox’s fear of playing live.

Was The Secret Show A Success?

Do we consider this Urban Outfitter and Levi’s contest one that meets the requirements of our Lollapalooza list?

It’s good to know that the promoters and organizers of the show pulled it off safely and without any tragedy happening to fans. And thankfully it didn’t turn out like Drake’s concert did.

Here’s how Taleen Kalenderian of Gapers Block captured the moment in words:

“Desire Lines” was a gorgeous debut highlight with a cascading guitar chorus and girl group drum section–probably the closest noise equivalent to an indie rock anthem for Deerhunter fans. It was tough to imagine a generator alone was driving all the buildups of the song. Teenagers in painted faces ran around in sunglasses, adults brought their kids, and other crowd members stood on railings or sat 20 feet above ground to see the stage. The location had never been used for a concert before, but it was a perfect spot, letting the ambient noise wash below the underpass as through a tunnel–probably freaking out tenants at the condo buildings south of the stage.

So, for the most part, it looks like fans were behaving themselves, or should we add a few fans to our other list?

How does this Deerhunter show compare to the other surprise shows of 2011?

Sure, concerts under a bridge are cool and lots of fun and they’re popular in other genres and countries too.

But I like to dream BIG.

I like to live in the present AND dream of the future

I hope that as we move into the future more brands, bands and fan will come up with even cooler and more creative ways to experience live music. Ways that push boundaries and bring us closer to understanding why live music is such a key element to our lives.

We have a long way to go to figure that stuff out.

But in the meantime I’m still gonna wonder how far we are away from a live concert on the moon or seeing a show in outerspace.

All this wondering and dreaming has got me thinking…

What is the most unique place that YOU have ever experienced a live show?


Is it the music or is it the location location location of the show that makes the moment special and unique for fans?

I think it’s often more about who you’re with and why you came to the show.

But that’s just me.

What’s going on inside your brain right now…?

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