Satisfy Your Concert Contest Craving: AXE, Sennheiser, Baeble, Urban Outfitters, Levi’s & more

AXE Music one night only contest

We’ve been keeping an eye out for cool contests this year. And here are four more concert contests from AXE, Sennheiser, Baeble, Levi’s and Urban Outfitters featuring the music of rapper T.I., indie-rock band Deerhunter and a love for concert photography.

This concert contest round-up is part of our ongoing contest series here at Live Fix. And I want to make it clear that I’m doing this out of pure curiosity.

Though I’ve used some of these products before, this post is not a specific endorsement or review of the brand’s products. My main goal here is to simply tell you about the contests because I think you might enjoy them, and I’d especially like to hear what your experiences are like while you engage with the brand’s contests during the entry period and throughout the rest of the contest.

And most importantly, I’m curious to see how these brands push the limits of the concert contest and go beyond the usual “Free VIP ticket giveaway.”

I’m looking to see if these brands are the type of brands that want to improve our concert experiences by creating and promoting innovative contests.

And I’m looking to see if these brands offer live music fans a truly unique concert experience that is not only fun, but also raises the bar for what a concert contest should and can really be.

If you plan on entering any of these contest, we’d love to here how it goes and what it was like. You dig? Cool. Let’s get to it!

Sennheiser Hear I Am contest

Sennheiser’s “Hear I Am” Contest

That said, this first contest is sponsored by sound equipment manufacture Sennhesier who has a two-pronged contest going on that offers prizes for both aspiring musicians and eager fans.

Here’s how Sennhesier describes the “Hear I Am” contest on their website.

For the Musicians:

Share your music and get discovered for your chance to perform live on stage at a major music festival or event in Canada, U.S. or Latin America and $10,000 (US Dollars) in Sennheiser gear.
Also! The artist(s) that wins will be considered for the chance to win a 3-song demo with a major producer through Pick The Band and distribution through Universal Republic, and A&R Showcase!

For Fans:

Discover and share new music and help decide which artist performs and you could win a VIP music experience for you and 3 friends to one of these amazing events.

The “Hear I Am” contest sounds (no pun intended) like a fun time. And I like the two-pronged entry format a lot. I’ll be keeping an eye on it to see who wins and how things turns out for the lucky fans and talented artists.

AXE One Night Only TI contest

AXE’s One Night Only

This next concert contest is sponsored by AXE. Their One Night Only contest experience gives fans the chance to win VIP tickets to see rapper T.I. in New York City and other artist as the contest continues through this Fall and into 2011.

What’s unique about the AXE contest experience is The Backstage (lead photo above) and Crowd Surfer features. Both use interactive design in a creative way to let fans interact with the brand while transforming a favorite element of concerts, like crowdsurfing, into a virtual game that mimics the live music experience.

These types of experiences are always interesting to me because I like to see how the brand blends the marketing of their product with the live concert experience. And with this AXE experience, fans have to enter the UPC code of AXE product in order to access the exclusive Backstage content or activate the Crowd Surfer virtual / augmented reality webcam tool.

For the most part, the AXE Music experience is pretty cool to play around with just like the Scion Unlock the tC game was. But it remains to be seen what sort of lasting value it brings to the concert fan experience.

So far, one downer with the AXE experience was the slow loading time. And since the contest is in it early stages, there’s not a whole lot of video or live chat content to interact with now, besides the 8/16 T.I. NYC show and entering the contest itself to win the VIP tickets.

But things should pick up once the concert season ramps up and fans start winning tickets and buzzing before and afterward about the shows.

The other thing that makes me wonder about the overall success of the AXE contest is how they can rebound or distance themselves from news surrounding  T.I.’s recent arrest for drug possession. With all that going on it remains to be seen how AXE will keep the momentum going as the AXE Music Experience heads into the heart of the Fall concert season.  And for a future experience, I’d like to see AXE offer fans a sensory experience where they let us explore how our sense of smell impacts our concert memories.  They are experts in creating irresistible fragrances after all.

Levi’s and Urban Outfitters host Deerhunter Secret show in Chicago

News about this third contest comes to us via our friends at Loud Loop Press who posted today about the “Secret Generator Show” featuring indie-rock band Deerhunter

As Loud Loop Press notes, the secret show contest is hosted by Levi’s and Urban Outfitters, as part of their “Secret Generator Series” of free shows, and this weekend in Chicago’s on Saturday, September 25, fan can get clues to find out where Deerhunter will be playing. This show is of special interest to me since we’ve wondered before about Deerhunter’s frontman Branford Cox and his struggles with the social anxieties of playing live.

You can go to the Urban Outfitters blog for the first clues or “Like” the Urban Outfitters Facebook page for more clues.

Last but not least, Baeble music is hosting a concert photography contest called The Ultimate Music Moment. If you’re new to Baeble, you should check them out.  I’m a big fan of Baeble’s live concert series and I was excited to here about their new iPhone app. I just hope the Android version comes out soon so I can test it out, too.

Here’s the contest details via Baeble:

“We really enjoy capturing a moment (or several) of our favorite artists during a live set.. it’s what we’re all about. Still photos provide the opportunity to preserve a truly unique moment. That’s why we’ve teamed up with PDN (a leading photo magazine) and the Ultimate Music Awards to give you the opportunity to show us your Ultimate Music Moment. It’s a photography competition based on snapping the best possible concert pic.”

I might have Colleen enter this one since she’s snapped some great moments this year already. But what about you? Do you have some great shots stored on your camera? The deadline to enter is Oct. 11th.

Do you plan to enter the Ultimate Music Moment contest? Do you think you can do a better job than pro photographers at capturing your favorite concert moments?

Why Do You Love Concert Contests?

Just like we discovered earlier this year with the JanSport Bonfire Sessions and the Cave Singers, concert fans love the thrill of surprise shows.

And when there’s the promise of going on a crazy chase for a secret concert, fans will do almost anything to find the pot of gold.

Now, You Tell Us…

If you’ve entered any of these three contests or plan too, or you’ve played around with the AXE music experience, let us know what you think in the comments below. Do you have a favorite concert contest that we should check out? Tell us about that, too.

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