Will The Girl Talk 2009 NYE Concert Film Reveal All The Details?

Back in January, we explored the mystery of Girl Talk’s 2009 NYE Chicago show and the Giant House Stage. Well, I’m excited to share this news about the documentary’s release this coming Tuesday. So will we finally get our questions answered?

To bring you quickly up to speed on our Girl Talk NYE 2009 experiment, here’s an abridged snippet from the previous Live Fix post that explains the details about the Giant House that stood behind Gregg Gillis (aka Girl Talk) as he played before the sold-out crowd at the Congress Theater in Chicago.

“…a two-story, five-room HOUSE built on stage, including drywall, staircase, fake wooden floor and impeccable detail!”

“…What took months and months to plan, 4+ solid days and 21+ crewmembers to build…”

“…complete with a kitchen that included a refrigerator with a note and photo stuck on the door, dinner table with fruit bowl, blender and more, hutch filled with china and glassware, fireplace, couch, coffee table, rug, picture frames and more in the living room, a kid’s room with a bed, desk, computer and mouse, pencil jar, trophy, Snoop Dogg poster, and a bathroom with a toilet, sink, shower and curtain, plus fake trees in the yard, and the table he uses to perform presented as a large rock, the detail and thought that went into each element was flawless.”

“….The lights constructed on the outside and inside of the house, including an LCD curtain surrounding the house to make it look like the night sky, and all over the venue, added to the insanity…..”

As you can see, there were a lot of mysteriously telling objects and inclusions in the Giant House that fans couldn’t see in detail during the show. And it’s those Little Things that I’ve been waiting to learn more about ever since I saw the videos.

That said, I do think that Gillis was telling a bigger story about his music that still needs to be finished.

And on Tuesday, September 21, it looks like the story might be completed.

Until then, enjoy the teaser trailer above and check out the previous Live Fix experiment.

Were You At Girl Talk’s New Years Eve 2009 Show?

What did you notice about the Little Things and telling details of Girl Talk’s House stage?

Tell your story and share your favorite Girl Talk NYE 2009 concert experiences in the comments below. You’re also invited to check out more exclusive Live Fix fan interviews here.

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