Will Katy Perry Ever Play A Show For Her Old High School Classmates?

As MTV reports, pop star Katy Perry, on Tuesday, played a show for her old high school Dos Pueblos in Santa Barbara. It was a fun time for the students and fans, but there’s a few unanswered questions we have to ask about the show, Perry’s past and the future of time travel with concert crowds.

MTV says Perry put on a great show and “rocked out to her hits like “Waking Up in Vegas” and “Hot N Cold.” and that she performed for the winners of the nationwide Go Back to High School With “You Again” and Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream radio contest, including about 1,000 of Dos Pueblos’ finest students.”

I bet Perry looked out at the faces of her fans and thought back to when she was in high school and had dreams of being on stage, too. A dream that she’s living out right now.

But a dream that didn’t come easy after she left high school and later got her GED and then struggled to sell albums as a Christian artist before changing her musical and stylistic approach as MOG points out.

But Perry’s never forgotten her roots as a fan. She told MTV that “I would have totally camped out in those little seats [for] Gwen Stefani, No Doubt. Most definitely they were like my favorite, still are.”

But ya know what?

Perry’s No Doubt quote and the perfectly raw and jumpy fan video (above) both make me wonder…

what was the transformation from fan to artist like for Katy Perry who’s real name is Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson?

And finally, the last quote that got me thinking was when Perry told MTV that “I was kind of a class clown, but I wasn’t as funny as a class clown. I was learning from them and I was also kind of a show-off, still kind of a show-off.”

Okay, so she learned from her classmates. That’s good. We all learn a lot from our high school friends as we get older.

But the crowd Perry played to at this secret show at Dos Pueblos on Tuesday were all fans that are in high school now.

So what if…

Perry were to play in front of her same high school class as they are today, all grown up?

Or what if Perry were to play in front of her high school classmates as they were back when she was in high school before she left to pursue her musical career?

Like a whole crowd of Shane Lopes, a former high school crush of Perry’s who TMZ says she called out during the Dos Pueblos show as you can see in the video below. Some sources say that it was fabricated and it does seem a bit manufactured to me.

And because it seemed a bit manufactured, I’d like to see two real past-meets-present shows put on, just to see what would really happen.

But not because I want to induce a catastrophically terrifying emotional onstage breakdown because an artist never got over their high school rejection and only stuffed it down.

No, I’m not a fan of causing unwarranted emotional pain. I’m constantly fasinated by human behavior and I love thinking about how concert fans and artist respond in different situations.

I this Katy Perry story made me very curious to see how each artist would respond to performing to a whole crowd of folks who either doubted them or never thought that they would get to where they are now.

Most of all, it would also be a fantastic live concert fan-to-artist dynamic to study and learn from.

Who knows? Maybe we will be able to experience something like this in the near future as science continues to progress, augmented reality develops, virtual concert experiences evolve and the possibilities of sci-fi mashup concerts and concert time travel becomes a reality?

Are You Hot or Cold?

What do you think it would be like if famous pop artists like Perry were able to go back and play in-front of their high school classmates? Ya know, sorta like Back to the Future or Hot Tub Time Machine meets live concert culture.

Let’s fire up the flux capacitor and turn on the hot tub jets, and figure this one out in the comments below.

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