Grinderman Releases The Wolves: The Next Chapter, Fall Tour Dates

Grinderman 2

Been waiting a long time for this one.

The primal growl of the first Grinderman still rumbles in my head like it did the first time I listened to it back in 2007. And since it was officially released on earlier this week, I’ve been through Grinderman 2 twice already.

And this next chapter takes you even deeper into the den to dance with Nick Cave and his pack of hungry wolves.

It’s one hell of a snarling feast of mystery, mythology and mystical wonder. It’s got that same seething Grinderman hiss and snarl.  And around every corner lurks the fury of fuzz-drenched squealing guitar riffs and murderous explosions of drums and bass. It’s a combination that perfectly pummels, but also simmers soft, steady and strong like the heartbeat of long-suffering lover.

Grinderman is at their best when the songs thrash and bash with the fury of a psychedelic love child left to fend for himself in the wild. It’s a gloriously epic second helping of primordial stew filled with shards of punk rock, blues and psychedelia.  Mixed in are a few love ballads that are simultaneously gorgeous and gruesome.  And that’s no surprise knowing that Nick Cave is a lyrical master and storytelling sage, which is why Grinderman 2  is filled with beautiful contradictions of terror and joy, sin and sanctification.

Oh, and the video for the first single “Heathen Child” (below), it’s just like you would expect from Nick Cave. Strange, peculiar and filled with shocking  and unsettling metaphorical imagery. The video is also not safe for work, so I would advise playing it safe by simply minimizing your browser and let the music do the talking while at work. Then, when the coast is clear, find a time later to enjoy the visual spectacle in all its creepy glory when you’re in a place that’s safe for viewing.

All that said, I’m sure seeing the band live in late November will feel like an early Christmas for Nick Cave fans in Chicago. Thoughts of what the show might be like have already started to roam around in my head.

Let the salivating and primal purring begin, my friends. And pick up a copy of Grinderman 2 via Amazon.

Excited about The Grinderman Tour?

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Grinderman Fall Tour Dates

11/11/2010 Toronto, ON Phoenix

11/12/2010 Montreal, QC Metropolis

11/13/2010 Boston, MA House of Blues

11/14/2010 New York, NY Nokia Theatre

11/16/2010 Washington, DC 9:30 Club

11/18/2010 Atlanta, GA Variety Playhouse

11/19/2010 Nashville, TN Cannery Ballroom

11/20/2010 Memphis, TN Minglewood Hall

11/22/2010 Chicago, IL Riviera Theatre

11/23/2010 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue

11/26/2010 Vancouver, BC Commodore Ballroom

11/27/2010 Seattle, WA King Cat Theater

11/29/2010 San Francisco, CA Warfield

11/30/2010 Los Angeles, CA Music Box

12/1/2010 San Diego, CA House of Blues

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