How To Recalibrate Your Love For Live Music

Heightened Senses!

concert burnout happens. and when it does. give your senses a rest. try something else instead of going to a show this weekend.

stay home. read a book. maybe this one. it’s one of my favorites. and it’s all about our senses.

this book’s pretty good too. it’s full of stories about how much other fans love live music just like you.

watch a concert dvd on mute by yourself. maybe one of these. not using our ears, removing the crowd effect and only relying on our eyes can reveal some amazing things.

go for a walk at night around your neighborhood. just hum and walk. hum and walk. it’s like reading a ray bradbury book and you’ll and realizing the beauty of live music (or music in general) is the silent space in between the notes.

invite your nephew or neighborhood kid who loves Yo Gabba Gabba! over. ask him why he loves to dance to “Party in My Tummy.” listen to what he says. watch what he does. how he acts. and then ask yourself if you could feel that much joy, feel that childlike at your next show. maybe you could be like this dancing guy?

invite your friends and family over. ask them what concerts were their all-time favorites. remember to ask them why. and listen closely. pay close attention to their eyes, smile and voice inflection. that’s where the gold is. see if they have a list like this one.

watch your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend play the guitar next to you on the couch. ask them to play you a tune (anything but freebird). tell them it sounds great. watch them as they play. and think of your last concert. say thank you to your spouse, girlfriend or boyfriend.


pick a concert to go to next weekend. a band you haven’t seen before. go with a friend (or that person who played you a tune, or that family member who told you about their favorite concert ever).

go to the venue blindfolded. ask your friend to walk you into the venue and protect you from bumping into things and other concert fans. when the band comes on stage wait until the end of the second song to take off your blindfold.

enjoy the rest of the show. (and remember what you read in that book.)

come back to this post and tell me what you saw, heard, felt and tasted…. in the comments below.


What are your favorite ways to recharge your love for live music?

“Heightened Senses” Photo by Mark Johnston

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