Secret Show: The Cave Singers Host JanSport’s Inaugural Bonfire Sessions

Jansport Bonfire Sessions 2

Secret shows are always a fun way to add even more excitement to the live music experience. And on August 28, Jansport is inviting fans to the inaugural Bonfire Sessions hosted by Seattle’s indie-folk band The Cave Singers.  Read on for more info about how to find the location for the secret outdoor celebration.

For those of you in the Seattle area and itching to go, here’s the info on how you can get a chance to cozy up around the campfire and soak up the soulfully slow-burning folky tunes of The Cave Singers in the intimate setting under a blanket of twinkling summer stars:

Beginning at 5:30 pm on the eve of the show, JanSport will transport party-goers to the event in style from one undisclosed Seattle bus stop and back.

For exact pick-up location, visit JanSport’s music blog, Unzipped on August 25, when the Seattle bus stop will be revealed.

We’re told that admission is limited to this exclusive concert. And for more info about the event you can visit the JanSport Unzipped blog: and JanSport Facebook fan page

Update 10/18:

Check out a video and photos from the Bonfire Sessions on the Jansport Unzipped blog.

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