Concert Fan Conversion: DJ Tiesto Live at Congress Theater in Chicago

Have you ever gone to a concert just because you were curious how the artist would perform live? I have.

At some point in your concertgoing adventures you will play the skeptic. And when we go to the show expecting the artist to prove us right in our doubts — and he ends up proving us wrong — the after effects can send us home reeling and wondering why we ever doubted in the first place.

This week I spoke with a live music fan who had a full concert conversion during a DJ Tiesto show in Chicago last year at the Congress Theater. And to compliment our interview about his revelatory fan moment, we also have some special news that DJ Tiesto fans will want to check out to have the chance to make their next live Tiesto experience part of his next music video.

In the video above I spoke with my brother-in-law Mark O’Donnell who saw Tiesto for the first time last fall on Halloween. I got word that he was heading to the show and ever since the show I’ve heard bits and pieces of what it was like for him.

And now I’ve finally had the chance to hear the full story.

And what’s most interesting about Mark’s story is that he went to the concert as a DJ Tiesto skeptic. And came out a fully realized Tiesto fan.

DJ Tiesto San Disk

That said, I’m excited to share the details of how, by the end of the first song, Mark had instantly become a fan.

What did Mark think and feel as he stood in the first row completely starstruck and filled with wonder and mesmerized at the whole spectacular scene?

What was it that made Mark no longer a skeptic and turned him into a true Tiesto believer?

What was it like during the show as he and the rest of the sold-out crowd got rocked by DJ Tiesto?

We’ll answer those questions and more in our interview. And I hope you enjoy Mark’s story as he tells you how and why he had a complete concert conversion.

Tiesto and Sandisk Mobilize Concert Fans

In addition to our fan interview with Mark, we also have some info for you about a series of DJ Tiesto concerts coming up that are sponsored by mobile phone memory card manufacturer SanDisk.

One of the things I asked Mark about his first Tiesto concert experience was what moment at the Congress show would he choose to re-live if he could. And without any hesitation he said the intro (see video below taken by another fan at the show).

The reason I asked Mark was because SanDisk and Tiesto have joined together for a series of concerts over the next couple months to give fans a chance to capture their favorite moments with their mobile phones.

And those fans who attend the Tiesto concerts at the dates listed below can record the live concert event with their phones, upload their footage to, and later Tiesto will choose his favorite fan-generated clips for use in the track’s official music video.

Download Exclusive Tiësto Content

SanDisk is also making available premium Tiësto content for download from; Tiësto’s “Whats Next” mix contains five exclusive tracks and an extended mix. SanDisk is offering the content without charge to all customers who purchase a specially marked SanDisk microSDHC card*. The cards are available now in Europe, and will be available in North America starting in the fall.

Thanks again to Mark for sharing his story!

Have You Seen Tiesto Live?

Tell your story and let us know about some of your favorite DJ Tiesto concert experiences in the comments below. Check out more exclusive Live Fix fan interviews here.

SanDisk Sponsored Concert Dates

July 30 – London – Victoria Park

July 31 – Berlin – Dream (Tempelhof Fluhagen)

Aug 2 – Moscow – Open Air Venue

Sep 3 – Frankfurt – Cocoon

Sep 17 – Stockholm – Annext

Sep 21 – London Scala – Club

Sep 23 – Paris – Queen Club

Oct 1 – Abu Dhabi – Yas Islan

Oct 30 – Los Angeles – LA Convention Center

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