How Do Virtual Concert Experiences Connect Bands and Fans?

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Does the new “strategic alliance” between Web ‘n Retail (a division of Rock ‘n Retail, LLC) and independent artist website change the game for concert fans and artists? Does their “Jam Cam” give both live music lovers and live music makers a new way to create and experience a live show?

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At the end of June, music marketing company Web ‘n Retail (a division of Rock ‘n Retail, LLC) and independent artist website announced a “strategic alliance” between their companies. And I wanted to share this music news with you because, with the JamCam and ongoing contests, the alliance does give fans another virtual concert venue in which to discover and vote on your favorite unsigned indie-acts.

But in what ways do online virtual concert experiences impact our regular concert experiences?

To answer that question we’ll start by sharing this news with you and then follow up with more posts that will explore other online social communities for live music fans and bands.

As noted in the press release, Rock ‘n Retail, LLC has marketed physical music product since 1991 and Web ‘n Retail has provided its online services for both physical and digital product since 1994 when they produced the first online: music reality show/second CD store/first digital sales chart reporter; entitled Rock The Strip hosted by Nina Blackwood (MTV).

Up until 2009, the music marketing company’s client list had solely been made up of artists signed to Major and Independent Record Labels/Distributors for whom they marketed product in the U.S. and Canada. Explaining the reason for the alliance, Gale Rosenberg, Web ‘N Retail’s President says,

“The massive shift in the Industry now allows for an Indie Artist or Indie Band to enjoy the same success as Label signed acts, albeit on a different playing field, which is now the same different playing field that the Labels are attempting to embrace. Therefore, to help level the playing field Web ‘n Retail has opened its’ doors to provide their historically successful online/viral/lifestyle – marketing, promotion, PR, SEO and Mobile services, especially tailored to unsigned indie artists and indie bands.

Rosenberg also adds that:

“We found a perfect fit with to reach indie artists that are serious about their careers, in large numbers and in a global environment. We are extremely pleased to be partners in a strategic alliance with Whotune.”

Whotune is “a free unsigned music Community” for musicians, bands, solo artists, music businesses, and fans, discover its amazing suite of tools and social networking features. The site offers the online Whotune radio station playing their unsigned artists’ music, a live Performance platform called ‘Jam Cam – Global Stage’, extensive member profiles, vote driven charts. And members benefit from a special online deal for digital sales via a custom-built platform which allows artists to keep 85% of every sale.

According to Rosenberg, Karl George, Founder and Managing Director of, approached her with an interest to marry his and Web ‘N Retail’s vision. “After reviewing the aesthetically attractive site,” George says. “The user friendliness and the many bells & whistles it offers its’ members, we were thrilled! What a perfect fit our two companies.”

To kickoff their alliance, the two companies announced the “Promote Me Like A Rockstar” contest. The online competition will encompass all genres of music from all countries around the globe. The winner will reap a Web ‘n Retail viral marketing and promotion package valued at over $3,000.

For more information on Web ‘n Retail visit: To register at Whotune at no cost, visit: Over 150 entries were submitted into the “Promote Me Like A Rockstar” competition. The Final Top 5 artists competed live on the JamCam on July 2 to determine the Grand Prize, Second and Third prize winners. The JamCam performances are available for public viewing; see the website for more details.

We’re also told that future contests are planned between the two companies, so we’ll keep you updated on any new developments.

If you’ve used JamCam as a fan or an artist, we’d love to hear about your experiences. Please drop a comment below or send an email to

More To Come…

Also, stay tuned for more Live Fix stories about new online live music communities as we take a look at and talk with the creators of Big Live, Recreate My Night and other social media-based communities that are designed to bring together live music fans and bands.

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