Live Bootleg Experiment: Paul McCartney and Wings In Belgium 1972

Paul McCartney and Wings Live Bootleg Belgium 1972We were cleaning out our record collection on Sunday and we discovered an interesting live bootleg recording of Paul McCartney and Wings in 1972 in Belgium. But something is missing. So I’m turning to you and the interwebs to hopefully solve this live music mystery.

Like most of the records in our vinyl collection we can trace each album back to the person who gave it to us or track it back to the place where we bought it.

But not with his Paul McCartney and Wings Live bootleg that we surprisingly discovered in our collection on Sunday.

What we do know, is that the album found its way into our collection when we found a box of Beatles records in the mail room of our old apartment. And for the last six years the bootleg has been hiding inside one of our other Beatles albums (sneaky little live bootleg.)

I’ve done some initial research online and found some helpful stuff about how there are other bootlegs from the rest of the “Wings Over Europe tour in 1972.

But I’d like to learn more and do a Live Bootleg Experiment to see what happens.

By doing the Experiment I’m hoping to learn more about the album and who made it, since it was clearly made by a loyal Wings fan long ago.

Paul McCartney and Wings Live Bootleg Belgium 1972

And who ever made it was most likely a dedicated live music fan. So if you’re out there and reading this blog and this is your Wings bootleg, I’d love to hear from you.

And for those of you who know anything about this Wings bootleg, or bootlegs in general, you can help me by answering some of these questions that popped into my head this past week:

  • Was there a special reason why they made a bootleg of this specific Wings concert?
  • How did it end up in the stack of our Beatles records?
  • What was this fan’s experience like at the Wings concert?
  • Did this fan make any other Wings bootlegs?
  • How did they make this bootleg?
  • Why did they get rid of the album since it seems like it was a pretty special thing to make such a live concert recording?

That’s all for now and I look forward to hearing what you have to say about this and other live bootleg recordings.

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