Comical Concert Preview: Norwood Park All-Stars at Cobra Lounge

Norwood Park Allstars at Cobra Lounge
Well, friends. I’m happy to tell you that my quest to rediscover Chicago Hardcore has taken a wonderfully unexpected illustrated turn. And what I’ve found for you is so hardcore, comical and graphic that I can’t tell you with just words.

Tomorrow, you’ll have the chance to see the Norwood Park All-Stars and soulful blues guitarist Matt Hendricks play again at the Cobra Lounge.

And to get you ready for the show, the band has created an entertaining comic book to set the stage for a n epic punk rock riff-raging showdown between them and evil adversaries Hitler and Red Skull.

For your pre-viewing pleasure I’ve included below two digital pages from the printed book version that the band gave me.

And if you like comic books with a hot ‘n heavy dose of hilarious tongue-in-cheek live concert drama, then you’ll want to check out the full 10-page story as if unfolds on the Norwood Park All-Stars Facebook group photo album.

To get more info about the band and their valiant quest to celebrate and pay tribute to an important era in Chicago hardcore, check out my interview with lead singer Dave Bergeron.

Show Info

Cobra Lounge

235 N. Ashland in Chicago

Friday 7-9


with Matt Hendricks and Vendoo Za.

The show starts at 9:30.

Norwood Park Allstars at Cobra Lounge

Norwood Park Allstars at Cobra Lounge

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