Good, Bad Or Strange: How Are Concert Fans Behaving In 2010?

By the end of 2009, we had gathered up a very entertaining group of concert characters for our best (and worst) concert fans of the year list. So now that we’re half way through 2010, it’s time for a quick mid-year check-in so you can share your own funny, strange and inspiring fan sightings you’ve seen so far this year.

I still remember all the great fan moments we highlighted in last year’s fantastic list.

And, yes, I do have my own working list of picks for 2010’s that including some Drake rioting and Slash tackling fans. But I’ll share all my picks later.

Right now the floor is yours to share, celebrate and rant about what you’ve seen so far this year.

Seen any Dancing Guys, screaming ladies, rude fans, super creative fans, hilariously nerdy fans?

Or maybe — as noted in the safely covered up above photo by Colleen — you’ve seen some naked fans joyously dancing in the warm summer sun, like the ones we saw at Rothbury last year during Matisyahu’s set.

Whatever and whoever you’ve seen, we’d love to hear it. And we invite you to share your funny or strange fan stories in the comments below.

Want to use just a picture to tell your story? Upload it to the Live Fix Facebook page and drop a quick description. You can also send the photo to and we’ll post it on Live Fix for you.

Have fun and we look forward to hearing your stories!

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