365 Days Later: Did Michael Jackson’s Death Change Live Music?

I can’t believe it’s been a year already. But it has. And to pay tribute to Michael Jackson’s death that occurred one year ago today, we have news about the special concert hosted by VoicePlate that will be going on tomorrow in Los Angeles, plus a collection of your favorite King of Pop links to help us all remember just how sad, strange and peculiar his death was when we first heard about it.

As announced earlier this week in this Billboard report, Michael Jackson’s mother Katherine Jackson gave her approval and blessing to a tribute concert that will feature will hold a special concert.

Fahmy, CEO of the Los Angeles-based VoicePlate, estimated the event’s cost at $250,000. It will include performances by the Chi-Lites and Genevieve Jackson, Michael Jackson’s niece and the daughter of Randy Jackson. Tickets start at $150 and go up to $500.

The tribute concert line-up is interesting to say the least and watching that video makes feel even weirder. But enough of the present. Let’s go back in time and think back to what it was like and how we responded as concert fans when we all heard THE NEWS. Some of us celebrated. Some of us mourned. Some did both.

And here’s how it all unfolded…

I wrote this post a day before Jackson died and I had no idea what would happen the next day: Is Michael Jackson Confused About His London Shows?

A few days afterward it was time to see how we should respond as concert fans to Jackson’s death:  Is Michael Jackson’s Death His Final Gift To All Live Music Fans?

Next came the collective mourning experience at Rock the Bells, one of many last summer, and one that me and my fellow concert fans will never forget:Rock the Bells 2009: The Elements of Mourning Michael Jackson

Then finally news of the This Is It movie started spreading as AEG Live and others scrambled to cover the cost of the canceled concerts in London.

It’s been fun reliving these MJ moments with you. And I still can’t believe it’s really has been a full 365 day. For some reason it all still feels like it just happened yesterday.

How ’bout you?

What Do You Think…?

Did Jackson’s death have any lasting impact on your live music experiences last year?

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