Massive Weekly Wrap-Up: Huge News For You!

massive attack by Reza VaziriSometimes there are concerts that are so big, so huge, so monumentally massive that words can’t describe the impact that they have on fans and bands. Yes, I’ve been to a few concerts like that. And if I were to compare weekly wrap-ups to those mega concert moments, I would say that combining the last two weeks of posts in to one Super Duper Double Bonus Weekly Wrap-up would be pretty damn close to being just like those “big, huge..” life-changing concerts. So you better buckle up and brace yourself, before you click that Read More button.

There’s always something going on in the wonderful world of live music. And the last two weeks have been packed with all kinds of crazy and exciting stuff. So crazy in fact that I forgot to do the regular weekly wrap-up.

What kinds of crazy and exciting things did you miss?

Well, top to bottom, front to back, side to side, inside and out, This wrap-up will blaze through a special Father’s Day Festival featuring 10 Dads who love live music, tips for starting your own blog, a exploration of Bobby Parker, Led Zeppelin and concert genealogy, a fan riot at the canceled concert Drake in NYC, a fan who tackled Slash in Milan, a Jakob Dylan preview plus an interview about a concert venue that will grow on you, an interview with the Fiery Furnaces and more.

Your Two Week Mega-Weekly Wrap-Up

Father’s Day Festival: 10 Dads Who Love Live Music — A special Father’s Day mega-post spanning over sixty years of concert fan experiences. These dads know how to rock (and tell stories.)

Ever Wonder How They Do It? — A questioner all live music fans need to check out about how your favorite concerts are created.

How To Start Your Own Live Music Blog — Legendary runner Steve Prefontaine helps us kick-start a series full of tips, stories and how-to’s for bloggers.

Be A Street Teamer For Reggies In Chicago — A call for hungry and willing concert fans who want to be street teamers at one of Chicago’s coolest venues.

How The Fratellis’s “Chelsea Dagger Makes Blackhawk Fans Go Nuts — Is it the song, the fans or the Stanley Cup?

Why Does a Tackled Slash Recall Painful Concert Memories —  Take a painful peek into the past to see how a tackled Slash in Milan makes concert fans cringe.

Enhanced Concert Review: Tim Fite at Schubas — An enhanced concert review of Tim Fite at Schubas. short films, itsy bitsy spider and one….

Chicago Blues Festival Triggers Concert Genealogy Exploration — See how Bobby Parker and Led Zeppelin spurred an exploration into concert genealogy.

Why Did Fans Riot At Canceled Drake Concert In NYC? — Rioting is never cool. But for some reason concert fans can’t stop doing it? So why was it Drake fans this time?

Win Tickets To see Pavement via CHIRP — A fun concert contest that I hope you entered.

Concert Preview Jakob Dylan at Morton Arboretum — Will a unique concert setting enhance a Jakob Dylan show in Chicago?

Concert Preview: The Fiery Furnaces Return For Two In Chicago — Ever wonder what goes on inside the mind of your favorite artist during a concert? See what’s burning inside the minds of this indie rock duo.

Thanks to Reza Vaziri for the Massive Attack concert photo.

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