Live Fix Weekly Wrap-Up: A Lot Can Happen In Six Days (or Six Years)

Summer’s just around the corner and I can’t believe how fast this week went by. Speaking of how fast time goes by, Colleen and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary yesterday.

And while we waited for dinner to come to our table we talked about all the great live music experiences we’ve had since we’ve been married. And though it endearingly captures a slice of the romantic dinner we had at Le Colonial in Chicago, this picture I took also reminds me why Colleen is the one taking the pictures and I’m the one writing the words when we cover concerts.

In addition to celebrating our wedding anniversary, I’d also like to celebrate a great week on Live Fix with this weekly wrap up, including live music news about Live Nation Q1 Losses and Immigration Laws, Mother’s Day and Sasquatch Festival Dancing Guy interviews, sensual eye experiments and news about upcoming baseball park concerts featuring Eminem and Jay-Z.

You’ll also want to check out the recent updates to our Live Fix summer music festival iPhone apps guide and the Foursquare fan and venue call-out experiment.

This Week’s Posts:

Talkin’ Live Music with Mom: New Colony Six to Elton John

Sasquatch Festival’s Dancing Guy Reveals His Swarm-Starting Secrets

Live Music News: Live Nation Reports Q1 Losses and New Arizona Immigration Law Haults Concert

Eminem and Jay-Z Not Afraid To Rock Yankee Stadium, Comerica Park

Book Review, Fan Experiment: Are You Seeing With Maximum Pleasure At Concerts?

Recent Updates:

Summer Music Festival iPhone App Guide

Are Concert Fans and Venues Using Foursquare?

How Was Your Week?

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