What Kind Of Cool Concert Invention Would You Create?

I had a totally random thought the other day when I was talking with a fellow concert fan. My thought was related to my discovery during a Matisyahu concert when I saw a fan create a fantastic invention.

Ever since I saw this periscope at the Matisyahu concert last year I’ve told so many people how great it was. And this week I was surfing through MAKEZINE.com and digging back to 2008 to check out other cool DIY inventions like the DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist’s ESPN-style MIDI camera set up.

My dig through the past on MAKE got me thinking about how cool it would be to build on the periscope idea and make some sort of helmet or shoulder holster for the periscope so you could rest the device on your shoulder and free up your hands to do other things and keep your arms from getting tired and your eyes focused on the stage.

Think that’s a good idea? Do you have any other ideas that build on cool inventions you’ve seen other concert fans create? I’d love to hear them. Let’s invent, create and swap ideas in the comments below.

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