Monthly Wrap-up: How We Got Our Concert Fix In April

If you missed some of the top Live Fix posts in April, don’t worry.  I understand because April was a busy month here at Live Fix, too.  If you can believe it, I even forgot to read some of my own best posts.

So here’s a quick wrap-up revisiting all the hot April action: enhanced concert reviews of PHISH 3D, K’NAAN, Beach House and the Umphrey’s McGee interactive UMBowl; and mobile app guides to summer music festivals. We also got to know Chicago’s St. Bagu, unveiled an ongoing live music fiction series and offered up more tips for improving the connections between music bloggers and PR.  Basically, there’s lots of good stuff waiting for you.

I’ll keep the intro short ‘n sweet so you can get caught up on these April highlights right quick.

Concert Mobile App Reviews

With summer festival season officially kicked off we took a look at some of the top summer music festival offerings for mobile apps and took a look at the Concertamitc iPhone app.

Like I did on the Do You Know How To Pitch to Bloggers? post, this review of Trust Agents explains how the book can also be used to help connect music bloggers and PR and hopefully make things easier for everybody when using social and new media tools.

This post doesn’t have an official category like the others, but you should still see why this Jakob Dylan review made me smile and kept me from getting writer’s block.

Enhanced Concert Reviews Are Cool

April was full of great concert moments and you’re invited to travel back with us via these four enhanced concert reviews of K’NAAN, Beach House, PHISH 3D and Umphrey’s McGee.  Who knows? You just might find a reason to tweet, text and wear 3D glasses at your next concert. If I were to change how concert reviews are written I would use these enhanced reviews as creative blueprint.  What do you think?

Bustin’ Through Lines One Rhyme At A Time

I spoke with Chicago hip hop band St. Bagu about their new Lines EP and their first ever live show. I wish I got to know all bands like this before I see them live. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Fresh, Fun and Completely Experimental Live Music Fiction

I ditched the limited confines of concert reality and stepped into the imaginary world of live music fiction by participating in the Alternative Version Blogfest. And the result?
The first scenes from the Adventures of Johnny Rawkriter. I wrote two versions, one sci-fi and one thriller-suspense, and you can look forward to more of Johnny’s adventures as the year rolls on.

Well,  that’s all for April and I hope yours was a great one.

We’re already a few days into May and things are looking pretty exciting so far.  What will May bring us?  We’ll have to wait and see.

What were some of the highlights during your April concert adventures?

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