Win Tickets To See PHISH 3D Movie!

If you haven’t seen PHISH 3D yet, here’s your chance to win a pair of tickets for the limited engagement that ends this week.

As you know, I saw PHISH 3D on April 20th and this week is the only time you can see PHISH 3D during its limited one-week run.

I have two pairs of tickets to giveaway and here’s what you need to do to win them, and a PHISH 3D movie poster.

We have a very short time to give the tickets away, so pay close attention to the contest details and make sure you enter your comment quickly. As soon as the contest is over we’ll need to send you the tickets ASAP overnight before May 6th.

Contest Details

Win This
Two separate winners will receive a pair of PHISH 3D tickets, and a limited edition PHISH 3D poster.

Do This
Post your response to the question below in the comments section.

Answer This
If you could pick one of your favorite Phish concerts to re-live in 3D, which Phish concert would you pick and why?

By submitting your response in the comment section below, you will be eligible for our first ever Live Fix PHISH 3D movie ticket comment contest.

Picking the Winners
UPDATEContest End Time Changed To Today  Tuesday 5/4 at 6pm CST, the comments will be closed and shortly after I will post a video of me choosing a random number (via this number picker) between 1 and how ever many eligible comments there are. The number that matches the comment (1 being the first comment and so on) is the lucky winner. Then I will award the second pair of tickets by doing a second random drawing using the same random number picker. Repeat responses and/or multiple posts will lead to immediate disqualification (1 answer per user).

How To Get Your Tickets
Winners will email me their address and the tickets will be sent directly to you.

Good luck and I look forward to hearing which Phish concert you pick to re-live in 3D!

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