Do You Know The Answer To This Question?

A very important question popped into my mind recently, and I need you and other wise and mobile-loving concert fans help to answer it.

While I waited for WALE to come on stage after K’NAAN’s sparkling set I looked around and saw many other fans, like I was, with their heads down and thumbs going crazy on their cellphones.

And then I wondered…what exactly concert fans did before we had the luxury of using our mobile phones to keep us entertained during sets. How did we do it? What did we used to do?  How did we deal with the un-excitement of the in-between set lag?

I needed an answer so ironically I used by Blackberry to tweet my question to get some help from the Twitterverse.

And about ten minutes later a fellow Chicago music blogger, Tart from Love Shack, Baby, tweeted back to me saying “I SWEAR TO GOD we used to hit on one another 🙂 ”

I loved her funny, quick and very insightful response so much that I wanted to bring the topic to the rest of you to see what you thought.

So please share your infinite pre-mobile-phone-concert-fan-history wisdom and tell me what are some other ways us concert fans used to keep ourselves busy during set changes before Blackberries and iPhones?

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