Want To Travel With iClips Couch Tour?

The iClips Couch Tour crew  is looking for volunteers to travel with them to a series of summer music festivals and “help hold down the fort.”

This summer the iClips Couch Tour will be live streaming from festivals like Summer Camp, Hangout Beach, Mountain Jam and others and they’ve put a call out for anyone interested in helping out.

While I was at Rothbury I had the pleasure of checking out the iClips booth and I also got a peek inside one of their on-site studios backstage and it was pretty cool to see them in action.  So if you’re looking to get experience in live streaming concerts, this sounds like it would be a great opportunity and a fun time. If you’re interested you can send a resume to summervolunteers@iclips.net.

If you do decide to sign up, let me know how it goes and we’ll feature your concert story and iClips experience on Live Fix.

You can get more info on the iClips Couch Tour site.

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