How Will Razorfish’s RockstAR Augment Your Concert Reality?

You know that we’re really not that far away from actually being able to create  live concert mashups, right? And it seems that Razorfish has put us one step closer to doing just that with their RockstAR experience.  It’s pretty cool stuff that could make science fiction a reality during our concert experiences in the very near future.

So what does Razorfish’s RockstAR  give concert fans the chance to do exactly?

Well, through the ever developing technology of augmented reality, it takes the concept of the concert photo booth to a whole “new rock star level” as they explain on their Emerging Experiences blog post,

“We recently created an experience named RockstAR which features augmented reality and multi-touch technology. It is the classic photo booth experience taken to the next level with interactive technology, social integration (currently the experience posts to twitter, twitpic and flickr), good ole fashioned Rock n Roll and a little 80s video game nostalgia. We also can’t leave out the pink rug – one of the most important parts of any experience.”

Razorfish also says that RockstAR marks “the first demonstration of the Razorfish Vision Framework (RVF) and it is integrated with their  “Razorfish Touch Framework (RTF).”

And if you were at SXSW 2010 and attended any of the Razorfish and Microsoft parties then you probably saw it in action there too.

RockstAR certainly is a fun AR evolution of the photo booth experience.  But I’d like to see what would happen if they merged the RockstAR concept with what Zehnder did the Voodoo Experience AR concert app.

Yes, it looks like fans would have a lot of fun at concerts with RockstAR since it really plays into the classic rock star archetype and let’s fans really get into creating their own customized and hilarious pop culture mashups.

But what I’d really like to see is RockstAR give fans the ability to merge and mashup their own user-generated content, like pictures or video from their mobile phones that they take during the concert, so fans can really be in control of their augmented concert experience and have it all happen in real-time right while at the concert.

And once it’s fully developed, RockstAR also seems like a no-brainer for bands and labels to try and find a way to use RockstAR to make the concert experience even more personal and memorable for fans.

Maybe Razorfish is already in talks with venues to see how RockstAR can be a part of the venue so fans can start testing it out at shows. Or maybe we’ll see a mobile version like the Voodoo AR app come out soon, too.

Either way, I know I’ll be keeping a close eye on those “tech walk-throughs” Razorfish will be doing on future Emerging Experiences posts.

What Say You?

If you saw RockstAR at a venue, would you jump at the chance to augment the reality of your concert experience in real-time with your own photos and videos?

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