Paying Tribute To A Surprise Peaches Conversion

Recently, my brother Ken and I were hanging out playing Wii and I had Peaches’s Impeach My Bush playing on my laptop as we swung virtual golf clubs and knocked down digital bowling pins. Then something unexpected happened.

And a few songs into the album Ken asked who that was, I told him it was Peaches and he quickly grabbed his Droid to look up her music.

I didn’t intend on making any Peaches converts that night, but that’s exactly what happened.

So in tribute to my brother’s unexpected conversion to Peaches, I’d like to pass along a recent Sound Opinions Podcast featuring Peaches.

During the show, the hosts Jim Derogatis and Greg Kot ask Peaches about some of her very first live shows back when she opened for Bjork with just an iPod. Derogatis also recalls one of his favorite and “historic” live Peaches moment at the Park West in Chicago.

There’s also a few live in-studio Peaches performances to enjoy, too!

Hey, if you were at that Park West Peaches show that Jim talks about we’d love to hear about your experience. Tell us all about it in the comments below.

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