Sasquatch Festival 2010: Who Will Be The Next Dancing Guy?


On Tuesday, Sasquatch festival announced its full line up and I couldn’t help but think of the sensational and inspiring Dancing Guy from 2009.

If you need a refresher, last year Sasquatch Festival was the spot were a guy (Collin Wynter) started a dancing swarm on the top of the hill during Santigold’s set.

When I first saw the YouTube videos, I had my doubts.  But after I investigated and ask some more questions and talked with those who took the videos, my research showed that it truly was a real swarm started by a real fan who was enjoying the moment.

So this year, I wonder which band will inspire the next Dancing Guy for 2010 Sasquatch festival. And will our friend Collin Wynter be in attendance?

I AM Sasquatch

To get fans fired up and involved in the festivities this year, back in January, Sasquatch ran a short contest asking fans to record short “I AM Sasquatch” videos.  We’ll keep an eye out for the winners who’ll be used in the upcoming promotional videos. But after Collin’s performance last year, I’d have to say that the standard is set pretty high.

What did you think of the Dancing Guy at Sasquatch last year?

What bands are you most excited about seeing at Sasquatch?

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