Help Improve The Ticket Re-Selling Industry

The Musical ChairsThis is a quick post to help out a fellow blogger and live music fan Max Raymond. On his site The Musical Chairs he posted about needing help with some research and reader feedback from live music fans, so I thought we’d pull all our concert experiences together to lend him a hand.

Max is writing a feature article about the use of ticket re-selling services/websites and he’s looking for fan feedback on your experience using sites like Seatwave or Viagogo.

Here’s a snippet from his original post:

Some regular readers will know that I am a university student and I am now in the final few months of my BA Honours Journalism degree, fresh off handing in a very long dissertation. For my final project I am considering doing something about ticket touting for a feature piece; more specifically about companies like Seatwave or Viagogo who market themselves as well-used, well-respected and industry backed (in some cases) ticket re-selling companies. The article, if I decide to do it, is to establish whether or not these companies are genuinely the real deal or whether or not they are ripping off people in terms of the overall experience – ticket cost, reliability, customer service, hidden costs etc.

I am looking for people who have used any of these types of sites (please don’t state eBay) to comment on their own experiences of using them. It can be good or bad feedback but I will need the following information:

1. The concert you bought a ticket for.
2. The website you used.
3. How the transaction was carried.
4. The price of the ticket (if you can, state how it breaks down so ticket price, booking fees and so on).
5. How long it took for your ticket to arrive.
6. Did your ticket differ from the description?
7. If you had any problems, how helpful were customer service?
8. Any other feedback from your experience.

It’s an interesting feature piece that he’s putting together. And I hope it turns out well because it could be a great benefit to all concert fans by helping us better understand and improve the ticket re-selling business.

If you’ve used ticket re-selling services please be sure to stop by The Musical Chairs and help Max out by sharing your experiences.

When you help out Max let me know how it goes by dropping a comment below, or send me an email to

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