The Depths of Intimacy: Mary J. Blige Goes Deep With "Color"


Where do artists go in their mind when they close their eyes and reach down deep into their heart to sing a song that’s personal and moving? 

What do they see so vividly and clearly in their mind’s eye when mining the deepest parts of their emotional core.

What do they see that we can’t see as fans watching them?

Fans might feel what artist sees, but still, I wonder where do artists go mentally when we watch them perform in such an entranced state in front us?

Sure, not all artists go deep. 

Only the best ones do. And I’d like to know what it looks like from their perspective when they’re singing a song from the depths of their soul right in front of me.

A Precious Performance: Mary J. Blige Sings In Full “Color”

I haven’t seen Precious (yet). But all those questions flooded me as I got instant chills watching this video of Mary J. Blige  performing “I Can See in Color”  in studio for SirusXM Radio in front of a small group of fans.

I wasn’t there so I wonder what it felt like for fans to be in the studio with Blige during this performance. I’m sure the studio glass surrounding Blige became a non-issue for fans because the strength of Blige’s raw and emotional performance wasn’t bound by any physical barriers.

When I see (and feel) performances like this one it makes others seem so flat and fake.

Deep performances like Blige’s are the ultimate upstaging that never ends.  Those types of shows live on forever in minds and emotional fabric and circuitry of fans.

When an artist goes all out and pulls no punches it ends up leaving fans wanting more and more.

So I wonder…

What it would be like for fans and artists if there was a way to make concerts this intimate and moving?

How different would the live music experience be? 

Would the price of concert tickets be mute? 

Would fans grow uncomfortable with performances that we too emotionally raw?

If the standard was set this high, would artists be able to perform at such an intimate and emotionally vulnerable level night in and night out?  Or would they get exhausted faster and tour less?

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