The Best of Live Fix 2009: What You Loved The Most

From Oprah Flash Mobs and Bon Iver tattoos to U2’s intimate Claw stage and mourning Michael Jackson, it was clear that we had some pretty amazing experiences at concerts in 2009.

So how do we put all our experiences in perspective? Was there one moment that defined our concert experiences in 2009? Was there one event or topic that you loved reading about the most on Live Fix?

When I started putting together this post I was amazed (yet again!) at how diverse and exciting live concert culture is.  I realized that we love to explore the popular, the mainstream, the underground and everything in between. It all matters to you.

I realized even more how our concert experiences go far beyond just getting lost in the music.  We love to understand the pain of live music.  We love to uncover the “Little Things” and hear about the experiences of fellow fans who stand next to us at concerts.  We love to use the live music experience to test our own will and to find healing.  Most of all, we love to come together and connect with others in the community of live music.

The shear amount of diversity of our concert experiences made it hard to choose, so I struggled for a way to put everything together in a way that worked.

And eventually — with your help — I found a way to do it. 

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a big fan of year-end lists because they cause me so much pain and anguish.  I hate ranking things because it forces me to choose.  And I hate choosing because I’m a big believer in context and relative enjoyment. We all have favorites for different reasons and when you toss in subjectivity the whole “list” thing quickly becomes mute.


Year-end lists do come in handy for discovering what we enjoyed the most and why.  I compiled this list from a combination of the most views and feedback each post received and the most comments left by YOU. 

I’ve included a short blurb putting the post in context and I took a stab at figuring out why I think you loved it so much.  If you think I’m wrong in my selections, or that I left one of your favorite posts off the list, tell me all about it the comments. I’d love to hear from you.

I now present to you “The Best of Live Fix 2009” as picked by you the readers. There was no “ranking” involved I hope you enjoy this list as much as I did. It showed me a lot about what jazzed us, challenged us and got your live concert culture mental motors racing in 2009. After a year like this one, I’m excited to see what’s waiting for us in 2010.

The Secrets to Oprah’s Flash Mob Dance with Black Eyed Peas

The art of the Flash Mob takes on a new meaning as the Black Eyed Peas and Oprah teamed up to celebrate in Chicago.  I interviewed a dancer who trained and performed in the Oprah Flash Mob and she explained the secret to its success. Read the post

Bon Iver’s Tattoo Reveals the Power of the Little Things

I discovered how much we all love to explore the “Power of The Little Things” when it comes to the live concert setting.  The concert that inspired this post was from 2008 but still when I wrote about it this summer, it was obvious: concert fans love  to explore and discover the meaning of the Little Things,” especially the significance of Justin Vernon’s (of Bon Iver) tattoos. What “Little Things” did you noticed this year? Read the post

Sasquatch Festival’s “Dancing Guy”

It was a sociological phenomenon. I questioned it and was proved wrong.  But I’m glad it did. Because it was one of your favorite moments. You wanted to understand more about how one guy can impact a whole group of concert fans and festivalgoers. And your curosity pushed me to wonder if I was influenced by the individual this year?  Read the post

Is Michael Jackson Confused About His London Shows?

Like all of us, I didn’t see it coming.   I wrote a post about his upcoming London shows. And then wham! The next day the King of Pop was dead.  Then I responded. Looking back, his death has been deemed by many as “The musical event of the year.” From Rock the Bells to Rothbury, I have to say Jackson’s death profoundly changed the emotional vibe at concerts for the rest of the year. Whether we realized it or not, we all learned and experienced how a concert can be a place where we can mourn the death of a great artist together. Read the post

Say Hello to U2’s Intimate Claw Stage

I still don’t think No Line on the Horizon is a good album.  But U2 didn’t care.  They constructed the Claw, gave fans a rare show  in Chicago. And you loved learning about it.  Read the post

Feeling the Pain of Falling On Stage

After Steven Tyler, Drake and others fell from the stage in a short span of time, I realized that experiencing pain during concert sucks. So why do we take pleasure in it?  I loved your answers to that question. Read the post

Nas Tattoo and The Little Things

Live music fans love discovering the meaning of tattoos!  And like Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, Nas’s tattoos revealed more about the rapper’s live show.  Read the post

Experiencing Grief, Joy and Community in Live Music

Bonnie Raitt plays a concert. And a review of that concert triggers a ripple effect that inspires me to explore how we all experience grief, joy and community in live music. And you spoke loud and clear. Fans, writers, editors, promoters all enjoyed this one. Read the post

How to Shoot a Concert When a Riot Breaks Out

Comedian Rodney Dangerfield once said  “Hey, I went to a fight and hockey game broke out.”  Well, what would you do if during your first concert photo gig a riot broke out?  This concert photographer told us how he didn’t even bat an eye.  He just kept shooting.  Read the post

illustration by Sean SullivanThe First Sci-Fi Live Concert Mashup

Who says the mashup is only for recorded music? Not me.  We pushed the boundaries to create the culture of the Live Concert Mashup. And one fan illustrated his mashup vision in fine fashion. Read the post



AEG Live Wants Your Next Concert to be 3D

Will our expectations for live concerts be forever changed? Will 3D concerts save the music industry?  2009 saw AEG Live take a stab 3D concert in movie theaters. And, of course, I had some suggestions for AEG.  Read the post

Rolling On with Kid Rock Backstage

It was an honor and a pleasure to share with you John O’Donnell’s amazing story about hanging backstage with Kid Rock.  John passed on later in the year due to cancer.  But we will always remember his story and his love for live music here on Live Fix.  Read the post

Did I forget any of your favorite Live Fix posts?

Stay tuned for the best concerts and fans of 2009.

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