What Are the Most Popular Facebook Concert Apps?

Facebook Concert Applications
Facebook Concert Applications


When Mashable reported that Farmville and Mafia Wars makers Zynga raised $180 million in a recent deal, like everyone else, I was amazed.

Then once I was done being amazed I started to wonder…

What was the most popular Facebook concert application or social game?

I also asked myself…

Do live music fans use Facebook to enhance, share or remember their live concert experiences as much as Farmville fanatics love to build virtual homesteads and milk digital cows?

I did some quick research with a keyword search (concert, concerts, live music) in Facebook’s Application section and found that iLike Music at 9.7 mil monthly users and iLike Concerts at around 62o,000 users appear to be the most popular Facebook apps, with Concert Scene, at only 250 active users, coming in at a distant second.

As you can see in the screen shot, there are many applications for concert fans on Facebook.

But the other Facebook apps that I found, and have been testing out, have nowhere the amount of users as iLike does.

And the other apps focus on micro niches specifically for fans of the Wu Tang, Grateful Dead, Bruce Springsteen, etc.

Sure, you can share music and dates of upcoming concerts with these Facebook apps. 

But for the most the part they only offer a ticket-finding service and don’t provide any real interactivity or game-type quality like Farmville does, which is surprising because the live music experience is full of cool gaming or interactive opportunities. 

That said, and since Facebook usership only continues to grow, there’s a huge opportunity for Facebook Application developers to create some really cool apps for concert fans.

And it seems that the payoff could be really big if games like Farmville (which I try to avoid if I can) is making millions in venture deals for its developers.

And since the concert industry is one of the only strong revenue streams for music artists and labels these days, developers might be in a better position to cash in than they realize.

So with the mobile industry and apps like Foursquare set to grow in popularity and a more integrated social media experience forecasted in 2010, I expect iLike, and other top concert app developers, to get some competition. And developers are going to have to answer the call as concert fans become more sophisticated and eager to mix mobile with their live concert experience.

But I’d like to ask you.

What are your favorite live music Facebook applications?

Did I overlook any?

If you could create a live concert Facebook application what would it be like?

How is Facebook a part of your live music experience?

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