Live Fix Exclusive: Sci-Fi Concert Mashup Illustration

Sci-Fi Concert Mashup by Sean Sullivan
Sci-Fi Concert Mashup by Sean Sullivan

Contiuning our exploration into Real Live Concert Mashups, I’d like to share with you a Live Fix exclusive!

The image above is a first ever Live Fix concert mashup illustration.  It was created by my friend and illustrator Sean Sullivan who was inspired by my live concert mashup post.  I had been asking him to consider contributing his artwork to Live Fix when ever he was inspired to do so.

And after he read my mashup post he sent me the amazing sci-fi live concert illustration above. 

Since I’m not trained as a designer, I was curious how he created the illustration and what inspired him.

Via email he told me “the image was created in Photoshop using a digital sketch through colors. I let my imagination picture the technology required and came up with something fun using a diving helmet and a hologram.”

Sean also explained that he was “pushing a futuristic, sci-fi tech interface.”  He also agreed with me that the technology would be pretty heavy, so he just went with a science fiction feel, noting that the wires are anachronistic, because current technology is already wireless–maybe they’re coolant hoses, he added (more on this in a moment).

I loved Sean’s creative sense of humor when he explained his musical inspirations for the illustration saying “the guy in the helmet is just a generic rocker dude and I was thinking Tina Turner would be a good foil for the hologram, but I didn’t want to do a miniskirt because I thought it would look too much like his personal entertainment (his private dancer, haha). So I wasn’t thinking of any band in particular. I was just trying to mix genres like rock and folk or rock and R&B.”

And he nailed it!

The coolant hoses connect us

Sean considered the coolant hoses anachronistic, but I thought they were a poignant and timeless visual metaphor for modern times.  Though we live in an increasingly “wireless” concert culture where we can’t always see the connections, we can certainly feel and experience the connection to the music and fellow fans in our bodies, hearts and minds.  

And when I’ve asked, most concert fans tell me that they consider their concert experiences to be very “communal” and see concerts as “the ultimate community experience.”  Fans also tell me that using mobile technology is one way they outwardly express their inner desire to connect. 

So I think Sean’s use of the coolant hoses sprouting out of the rocker dude was spot on, even if he didn’t plan it that way.

I feel an encore coming on

This was a great continuation to our exploration of the live concert mashup! And I thank Sean for contributing his creativity to Live Fix. Stay tuned because he sent me another one that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. In the meantime, you can visit his site to see more of his work.

If you’d like to contribute to Live Fix with an illustration, or share you concert experiences in other ways, check out the “Tell Your Story” section for more info.

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