AEG Live Wants Your Next Concert To Be 3D


Man, this story got me pumped when I read it!

I just hope the corporate concert industry doesn’t mess up their great opportunity to revolutionize the live concert experience.

And it looks like we aren’t as far away from live concert mashups as I thought we were. 

What I’m talking about is this Billboard story that says AEG Live is bringing “live music movies” to theaters in 2010 in 3D with test runs this December.

Coming to a movie theater near you: a Dave Matthews Band concert, complete with flying red beach balls bouncing from fan to fan, right in front of your face. At least, that’s the simulated live experience that AEG’s new 3D concert film series hopes to replicate, along with other theatrically released live music movies scheduled into 2010.

That sounds like a cool concept, but I wonder…

Will this be like U2’s and Miley’s attempt at 3D concert experience?

Will fans go to see their favorite concert experiences twice (live and in the theatre)?

Is AEG Live and Action 3D  adding storylines to their concert movies? 

Or are they just splicing together concert footage and turning it into a  “3D interactive experience”?

I hope these “live music movies” are going to tell some type of  “story” because I don’t think I would sit through a concert film of just concert footage for 90 minutes, even if it was in 3D.

And how interactive are they going to make these live music movies? Are they going to be able to include all the senses, or are they just going to engage the eyes and ears? 

Looking at the Action 3D website and listening to some of the fan/consumer testimonials, it seems like an exciting experience. But the live music experience is more than just sight and sound, so I’d like to know how these “live music movies” go beyond just the standard 3D experience?

Thinking about some of the concert festivals I’ve reviewed, I thought about AEG Live’s connections to Rothbury.  So I wonder if any Rothbury concerts all be added to the mix since AEG partnered with Madison House to put on Rothbury 2009?  Now what would be interesting is if they told the story of a fan experience during a weekend at Rothbury. I’d like to write a review about that type of live music 3D movie!

Well, as of today, Billboard says that AEG has 56 performances in its library and plans to “release the first of its feature-length “In Concert 3D” movies Dec. 11-17,” with  performance footage from the Dave Matthews Band, Ben Harper & Relentless7 and Gogol Bordello on 300-400 screens.

If AEG Network Live is looking for ideas to hone the 2010 releases here are a few:

1. Make it more interactive. It would be cool to merge AEG’s 3D plans with the interactivity of  what W+K agency did for an ESPN NFL promotion in downtown storescapes.  Approaching the movies with this level of interactivity would add a fantastic dimension to the live concert experience.  Just imagine what it would be like to grab a virtual pick or drumstick as it flung out from the screen, or feel virtual sweat on your face in the front row?

2. Tell a unique performance story. Like I mentioned above, there should be a story told about the band or the performance that makes the movie unique from the actual concert experience.  There’s a lot of potential here for a great fan experience by giving fans the inside scoop about the back stories of each performance, and I hope AEG will make the most of the chance to tell a unique story.

3.  Learn from “This is It”.   I still have yet to see it, but from what I’ve heard and read, the Michael Jackson movie hasn’t live up to the hype. So let’s hope AEG has learned how to improve making the live concert a more memorable and compelling theatrical event.

4.  Mix in fan stories.  The other thing that would make these movies unique is mixing the accounts and stories of the fans.  I know fans have tons of stories to tell. And if they were added as a subtext to the overall concert film story then it would add an excellent element of intimacy to the movies.  

What do you think?

What else could AEG do to really make these live music movies something special?

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